Virginia Beach Website Design

Virginia Beach Website Design

Having a top flight Virginia Beach website design is no longer just a matter of pride. These days, potential customers are far more likely to boot up their PCs than leaf through a dusty phone book in search of your business. The internet is now the first step in researching a product or business, so having a presence on the World Wide Web is no longer just an option.

But it is not enough to just have a website any more. Savvy 21st Century customers simply expect more than just a flat website design. They expect a website that really pops.

This is where Website Design by Adam comes in. Website Design by Adam has been providing affordable custom web design for small to medium size businesses for over a decade. Our dedicated Virginia Beach website design packages are especially tailored to meet the needs of businesses and offer you various price points at which to get your business the web visibility that it takes to succeed in the Computer Age.

Regardless of what price point and which kind of website design you choose, Website Design by Adam will provide you with a professional grade, affordable custom web design that will meet and exceed your expectations.

We can do this because unlike just any Virginia Beach web developer you might hire, our website design team has streamlined the programming process to the point where we are simply more efficient than most any Virginia Beach web designer you might find. Whether you are looking for simple PHP based static website design or for a dynamic WordPress website, we can deliver it, on time, and at a price point that will meet your budget expectations.

SEO and Web Visibility

In addition to making sure that you get a sleek, professional looking Virginia Beach website design, Website Design by Adam will also make sure that your website gets found by internet users. It is simply no use having an aesthetically successful website if virtually no one can find it.

That is why your Virginia Beach internet marketing team needs to be as proficient at web marketing as they are at web design. This means that your Virginia Beach web designer has mastered the principles of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the strategy that you use to makes sure that those internet users who are interested in your product or business can actually find it.

SEO involves two phases. The first is On-Page SEO which deals with making sure that your website highlights the search terms (“keywords”) that website users key into search engines like Google when they are searching for businesses like yours. Your Virginia Beach web developer needs to make sure that everything from the URL you choose to how you word the content on your site actually helps the search engines understand what your website is all about. We will make sure that from H2 tags to anchor text, your Virginia Beach website design is coded according to SEO.

The second half of SEO—Off-Page SEO—is equally important if you want a significant section of your audience to discover your website. Off-Page SEO—often simply referred to as “link-building”—involves getting other webpages and search engine directories to link back to your site so that you not only attract the visitors to those websites but improve your Page Rank (the grading system Google uses to determine the relative popularity of pages and websites). Sites with many links will have their pages ranked higher by Google and the search engines in general.

Other Web Marketing Offerings

Website Design by Adam also offers you a whole array of services—including several that many a Virginia Beach web designer might shy away from.

For example, do you have a really good idea for an Iphone or Android app? Website Design by Adam can also help you to realize your concept. Although we are not centrally concerned with the creation of apps for mobile technologies, our diverse team of programmers do have outside interests beyond the creation of affordable custom web design.

Also, would you like your business to have a logo that makes it stand out from other businesses and makes it distinctly identifiable right from the moment a reader sees it?

Website Design by Adam, as part of our extended Virgnia Beach internet marketing offerings can help you to conceptualize and realize the kind of web logo that will help you to create a unique brand identity.

These are just some of the offerings we can provide for you. We haven’t even mentioned geo-targeting, behavioral retargeting, Pay-Per-Click or article marketing, just to name a few.

Put simply, Website Design by Adam would like to be your first and final stop when it comes to all your Virginia Beach internet marketing or needs. So if you still have some questions or are ready to get you Virginia Beach website design going today, just give us a call at (866) 809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab above.

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