Veterinary Hospital Website Design

Veterinary Hospital Website Design

Whether you own a small, single doctor practice, or are a large multi-hospital regional network, your veterinary hospital website design is an important part of your veterinary marketing strategy. These days clients will click on veterinarian websites long before they ever step into your waiting room. Fingers do much more clicking than walking in the 21st century.

For that reason your veterinary hospital website design needs to be as clean and professional looking as your front lobby or examination room. A shabby website reflects on your practice. An attractive veterinary hospital website design can highlight your specialties, showcase the strengths of your facilities and promote your special services (i.e., boarding or obedience training).

In addition, an attractive website with photos and a distinctive logo can begin fostering the kind of rapport with your clients and their pets which helps to build a small animal practice.

Website Design by Adam has been creating websites for professionals like veterinarians for over ten years. We have the experience to create an affordable custom website design for your veterinary practice that will not only list hours and profile your physicians, but stand out from other veterinarian websites and attract new clients.

Veterinary SEO

Veterinary SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) is a must if you want your hospital’s website to take full advantage of what the web has to offer your practice. Your veterinary hospital website design can be the most attractive and professional looking website in your region, but if your web designer did not understand veterinary SEO, it wouldn’t matter because few web users would ever come across your site.

Veterinary SEO is a strategy of veterinary marketing that helps web users to find your website when they search for your services. Veterinary SEO needs to be a consideration in everything from the choice of your domain name (the to the way your website is organized to how the actual content of your website is written. If you want to increase your web visibility and attract new clients via your website, you need to make sure that pet owners can find your website.

Just as you want to place your veterinary advertising in magazines and location where pet owners are likely to come across it, so too, do you need your veterinary marketing on the web to target the appropriate audience. That is why a central feature of the veterinary SEO that we design for your vet clinic will be geo-targeting—the optimizing of your SEO to focus on the region where your vet hospital has its physical location. After all, it is little use to you to attract potential clients in other states or countries.

Web Directory Submission and Reputation Management

In addition, in order to make sure that you maximize your veterinary marketing, we will list your veterinary hospital on local directories and create a presence for your site in social media. We can, for example, design a professional looking Facebook page and connect your Twitter account to it so that when you update your website blog it automatically updates your social media accounts. We can also help you to lessen the prevalence of negative reviews on sites like Yelp! by conducting a reputation management campaign.

In addition, if you want to make sure that your clients stay aware of your new promotions and the happenings at your clinic, we can install a Content Management System as your website platform so that you can post newsletters and updates right onto your site without having to call a web developer or learn any web design.

Your veterinary hospital website design can become a dynamic way of sustaining your relationships with your vet hospital clientele. In addition, we can help you to design e-mail marketing campaigns so that you can automate much of your processes such as sending out reminders about vaccines and follow-ups.

Also, by having a content management system on your website you can simplify many of the processes you currently do with paper. Hate it when your clients lose the medicine instructions you give them? With a CMS like WordPress you can create individual pages on your website that store the instructions you send clients. With a simple e-mail you can direct them to the instructions rather than having to make extra phone calls or create extra paper hand-outs.

The Importance of having a Web Presence

Veterinarian websites are no longer a supplemental aspect of veterinary medicine. Businesses of all kinds are now expected to have a web presence. If you want your practice to stand out among veterinarian websites of your competitors, you need to have your veterinary hospital website design be created by a professional who understands not only web programming but veterinary marketing. At Website Design by Adam, we have the know-how to make your practice a success.

To start your website now or find out more about what we can offer you, give us a call at (866) 809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab.

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