The Benefits of an E-Commerce Site

The Benefits of an E-Commerce Site

This may seem like a strange time to invest in an e-commerce site or any kind of new branch for your business. If you have money in the stock market or are worried about the crazy economy we currently have, you may be tempted to pull up stakes and try to put your money into the safest assets around. But with such low interest rates and continued uncertainty on the horizon as far as the eye can see, there seem to be no safe bets.

I am certainly no financial advisor, but I do know that one of the least expensive and most effective ways that many kinds of businesses can create an added revenue stream is to add e-commerce functions to their websites. Even if you have a business such as a restaurant, empowering its e-commerce function can help you diversify your business.


Well, for example, if you have established a strong brand for your restaurant, merchandising mugs or t-shirts for it that you sell as souvenirs for vacationers when they visit your area, you could take this function online by using a cyber-shopping cart like Zen-Cart. Zen-Cart, one of the most popular shopping cart packages for the internet, can make it so that customers could easily order merchandise from your restaurant at any time and from anywhere. You could literally be making money while you sleep.

An e-commerce site can also be a useful way to automate processes so that you can make your work staff more productive. If your business currently works purely through phone orders, then that means that a substantial portion of your staff gets tied up taking orders instead of fulfilling them. But with a shopping cart like Magento and a bit of promotion, you can free that staff to help fulfill orders while customers fill out requests on the internet without ever having to pick up the phone.

This is not just a cost saving measure however. Many companies find that once they install shopping cart functions on their websites their business actually increase rather than just migrate. It is almost like opening a whole new storefront for some businesses.

And if you are worried about safety, there is no need to be—at least not any more than when it comes to any other kind of fraud. Although high profile companies have been in news lately for being hacked, when you look at objective studies they find that e-commerce transactions are no more or less vulnerable to fraud than any other kind of monetary transaction. In addition, Zen-Cart, OS Commerce and especially Magento shopping cart packages offer you the same top of the line security that e-commerce sites like Amazon use.

Finally, you should keep in mind that increasingly the business world is migrating online. Even for traditional brick and mortar companies, customers are now looking for websites and for interacting via automated services rather than using phones. Many customers prefer the clarity and ease of online shopping over more traditional means. For these reasons, now is the perfect time for creating an e-commerce cyber storefront for your business.

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