Website Design and Promotion Strategies

Having a website design strategy is vital to your online success. Many businesses put up a website and then are disappointed when the website doesn’t immediately start bringing in new business. But a website is like any other kind of business promotion—it has to be grown and nurtured with effective web promotion strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Of all the web promotion strategies the most important long term strategy that a website design firm like ours can provide for your business is Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization gives your company the best Return On Investment (ROI) because, unlike Pay-Per-Click strategies that only benefit you during the duration of your campaign, SEO continues to build on previous efforts. SEO can roughly be divided into two aspects:

1. On-Page Optimization: On Page Optimization involves creating a website design that is conducive to drawing attention from search engines like Google. This involves making sure your design does not make it difficult for search engines by overusing Flash web design graphics or failing to have a clear linking architecture.

Your website also needs to be keyword optimized so that the Googlebot and other search engine indexers can easily read and categorize your site. This kind of optimization should be worked into every aspect of you website design, from the choosing of your domain name to the coding of individual pages and even in the creation of your website content. By having a well-focused website design strategy applied by an experienced website design firm like Website Design by Adam, you can make sure that your website ranks well and gets seen on search engines.

2. Off-Page Optimization: But your website design strategy should not just end on your web pages, it also needs to be carried over onto your off-page optimization. Google doesn’t just judge your site by how easily readable it is—it also looks to how many sites link into yours. That is why you need to incorporate Off-Page web promotion strategies as well. This means having a strong link building strategy in which you make sure that you have links coming into you site from relevant web pages and blogs and that you get yourself listed on other industry related directories. The process of doing this requires patience, persistent and knowledge and should not be left to amateurs just learning web marketing strategies for the first time. Website Design by Adam has been designing and promoting small to medium size business websites for over ten years. In that time we have mastered the fundamentals of website design and accumulated a large repertoire of website promotion strategies.

Other Web Promotion Strategies Beyond Basic SEO

In addition to the basics of On-Page and Off-Page SEO, there are also a number of other tactics that you should consider as part of your overarching website design strategy:


If you have a business that depends on local traffic, like a restaurant on law office, then your website design strategy should include Geo-Targeting. By creating Geo-Targeted web pages, our website design firm can make sure that web users in the cities and neighborhoods in your geographical locale find your business when they search for keywords related to your industry. (In fact, this is also a good strategy for nationwide businesses looking to do an end run around nationwide competition by targeting specific geographical communities.)

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing should also be a part of your business marketing strategies. That means not only having a Facebook Page and Twitter account, but learning how to use these social networking strategies to communicate with you customers, promote your business, and keep an ear to ground for new opportunities.

This is especially important if your business depends on having a revenue stream from web sales, since one of the most useful ways to drive traffic to your site is via such social marketing websites.

E-Commerce Solutions

Even if you have a geo-graphically based business like a restaurant, you may find that launching your sites e-commerce capabilities to sell branded items (like restaurant t-shirts or mugs with you logo on them) is a powerful way to create a secondary revenue stream and to make your website into a successful cyber-storefront.

Installing a virtual shopping cart function onto your website like Magento or Zen-Cart makes it easy for your business to break free of geographical and temporal restrictions so that you can sell your products to internet users from around the world even while you are asleep in your bed.

These are just some of the ways that Website Design by Adam can help to make your website into more than just online business card. If you want to harness the full power of the internet, contact us today!

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