Social 2.0 Marketing

Social 2.0 Marketing involves creating a viral network of user-interactivity on your social 2.0 website. When marketing social 2.0 websites it is crucial to pay close attention to every aspect that goes into the user experience, because remember: According to the, the users content/posts are what will drive your social 2.0 marketing campaign to reach excellence.

How can I make social 2.0 marketing work for me?

Although the concept is slightly unique from project to project, there are some general guidelines.

1) Advertise your social 2.0 website, the marketing of your 2.0 site is paramount to gaining users, which is the first step.
2) With marketing 2.0 websites, one must remember to create an environment that is very user-friendly, and pro-user.
3) Appeal to a click or niche at first, similar to how facebook began as a social networking site just for college students, remember that you can’t build rome in a day, you must start somewhere and build popularity and a loyal user group that engages in topics and creates new ones.
4) Make sure the web developer employs proper web architecture to accommodate this social 2.0 marketing technique so that your user contributions actually circulate through the internet and attract more users who are interested in similar topics, thus creating the viral 2.0 network of users.
5) Maintain updates and enhancements to decrease competitors taking over and stealing your users, this can be done through ongoing innovation, and software /website improvements.
6) Branding, Branding, Branding. After you have a strong user-group, advertisers will want to spend money to reach our to your audience, use this money to further promote your social 2.0 marketing efforts and become popular. If you make commercials, show the “cool” or “popular” people using your social 2.0 website.
7) Hire a staff dedicated to positive PR and networking.
8) Most likely if you did everything right, you have the shot of becoming the next bill gates….well maybe not quite, but hey who really knows?

This article was produced to educate people about social media 2.0 marketing, if anyone has questions or would like to start setting up or marketing a social 2.0 website, fill out our contact request form or call today!

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