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Hello Dear Customers,

The point of this page is to compare free shopping carts like Zen Cart, Oscommerce, Magento, WP Ecom, and others to Paid Shopping Carts like 3D Cart, Big Commerce, and Volusion. We feel that you should be better educated about the differences before making a big decision because once you made that decision, the only way to switch is to start all over again with the coding.

Please see below:

We can definitely help you create a fantastic website for your Ecommerce store. There are many options we can provide to you, much of these options are based on your budget.

1)      We can create a custom E-commerce website for you at the rate of $999, no templates, from scratch. We will integrate it with the shopping cart of your choice.

2)      We can modify a template of your choosing for $799 and integrate it with the shopping you have chosen.

3)      We can load up to 50 products in the cart for free and each additional product can be loaded for $1, or if you have a shopping cart currently, we can import all the products from a database (if compatible) for free. If cost is an issue: we can show you how to load the products yourself, and you can save money that way too. We would then just load up to our maximum allowed for free.

Now, as for the shopping cart, we have some different solutions for that as well:

A)     We can use an open source shopping cart like zen cart, magento, oscommerce, presta shop, or opencart. Pros: more control of customization, no monthly fees, and you can host it on your own server. Cons: Because they don’t charge monthly fees that also means they don’t come with any support at all. Anytime you need something done, you will need to pay a web developer, anytime you need security upgrades, technology upgrades, or anything, you need to hire a developer. The UI (user interface) is complicated because it was meant more for developers, so if you plan to control the site yourself in the administration panel, you will need more training, and support. The final three cons are even more profound: You still need to pay for hosting yourself, you still need to pay for an SSL certificate yourself, and now you need to find a PCI compliance scanning company to issue you a certification and pay them for regular scanning of your shopping cart.  If you don’t do that, you will be in violation of PCI compliance rules, and could be subject to HUGE fines of up to 50K if someone’s card is compromised from your site.

B)      The second option is highly suggested: We can use a paid cart like big commerce, 3d cart, or Volusion. Every con in option A is a pro with this choice, and every pro in option A is a con. You won’t have to worry about PCI compliance, buying hosting, SSL, finding tech support if you have a problem, and more. They even keep redundant backups of your site for you, so if something happens to their server, your site will stay intact and not be harmed. These carts were also created for novice computer users, and in case there is any confusion they have video tutorials and customer service / support. In exchange, you will need to pay a monthly fee of $19 – $60 depending on the number of products and which shopping cart solution you pick.

I know this can be highly confusing, so many options, but I guess it really depends on your particular needs. If you want to check out the feature lists before making a selection, they are listing on each website or you can also take the free trial and take 30 minutes going through it and watching the videos. If time is an issue, I can also email all your requested features to each cart provider, although I think they all include your features, I can double check with them.

We have no preference which direction you choose, but the latter of the two is more commonly a better choice.

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