Restaurant Website Design

Restaurant Website Design

Your restaurant website design has never been more important. The days when you can simply open up your doors and make sure that your number is listed in the Yellow Pages, have gone the way of the drive-in theater.

These days, clients will boot up their computers first before they ever think of letting their fingers do the walking. Not only that, but with the importance of social media like Facebook and Yelp! on the rise, clients are far more likely to first learn about your restaurant via the web.

For this reason, web marketing for restaurants is a must if you hope to compete in what is an ever more competitive market. Website Design by Adam can help make sure that your restaurant website design doesn’t just give your basic information (such as hours of operation) but actually helps fill your tables.

Here’s how:

A Professional Restaurant Website Design

Web design for restaurants puts a high premium on aesthetic appeal. That is where it all starts—with a slick, professional looking restaurant website design that not only presents attractive photos of your restaurant but that creates the same atmosphere as you have in your restaurant only in virtual terms. We do this by using your restaurant themes and color scheme to match you web presence to that of your actual dining space.

Just because you have a five-star restaurant website design, doesn’t mean that you need to have to pay as if Wolfgang Puck had designed your website, however. Website Design by Adam knows that in these tough times, it is difficult enough to keep a restaurant solvent without adding unnecessary fees to your overhead. That is why we give you several different price points for creating your restaurant website design.

No matter if you are a simple pizza place or the top five-star French restaurant in your city, we can offer you an affordable restaurant website design that will meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

Restaurant SEO and Local Visibility

It is not just about having an aesthetically appealing restaurant website design, however. Restaurant SEO and local visibility are equally important to the success of your restaurant website design. Restaurant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the combination of coding, design and content creation that makes your website more likely to get picked up by search engines like Google when web users do a search for keywords (e.g., “pizza places”) related to your restaurant.

Local visibility is the other half of restaurant SEO, because it is not enough for you to rank on Google—you want to rank with web users in your area, so that internet users will find your Burbank pizza place when Burbank web users search for “pizza places.”

Web Marketing for Restaurants

In addition, you will want to make sure that you actively reach out to your customers via mediums like Yelp! and Facebook. Web marketing for restaurants requires the same kind of persistence as other types of advertising. New methods of increasing visibility such as presenting coupons and promoting special events (e.g., live music) can help draw a wider range of diners to your restaurants.

Targeting advertising on social media and press release marketing can help promote your establishment as well.

Extended Restaurant Website Design

As part of your restaurant website design, you may also want to add a series of features that will make your restaurant more user friendly. One such feature is an online menu design that is both professional and specially adapted to online use. It may be better for example to create your online menu design in a Pdf format so that it is easier for your customers to print. (This helps for customers looking to take orders in a workplace, for example.)

In addition, you want to make sure that your online website design, like your online logo, is distinct and attractive and presents your plates in the most enticing manner possible.

In some cases, it may be beneficial for some restaurants to not only have an online menu design but an online ordering platform from which their web visitors can order rather than having to pick up the phone. Website Design by Adam can set up such a platform as well, so that you can turn your website into a virtual waiter—taking orders and printing new tickets for your business.

Finally, we can make it easy for you to alter your website in order to update calendars, event schedules and photo albums so that your customers are kept abreast of new menu items and promotions. These days there is no substitute for direct contact with you customers.

If you would like to find out more about what we can do to help make your restaurant website design a success or you would like to sign up for a package, just give us a call by either clicking on the “Live Chat” tab or by calling (866) 809-3285.

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