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Some things you should know about PHP Development Companies

PHP Introduction

PHP programming is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages used to create dynamic web pages. Today, the competition in the online market is intense and the ideal PHP development company can give you an edge over other companies in your industry. However, before you hire an affordable PHP development company, you need to know something about the PHP programming that is behind it all. Having this knowledge will help you in understanding the way a PHP development company works.

What is PHP?

Literally, PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. When a person loads a page containing PHP coding, the server processes the commands and dispatches the results to the browser. Though this looks similar to ColdFusion or ASP, the great thing about PHP is that it is cross platform and open source. Affordable PHP development companies loves this scripting language because PHP is compatible with different Unix versions and Windows NT. Any affordable PHP development company will tell you that the language of PHP has elements from Perl, Java, and C. However, a PHP development company may make modifications to ensure that the PHP coders involved can write dynamic pages at a fast pace.

Recently, cakePHP has become quite popular among many PHP developers. Basically, it is a rapid development framework that a cakePHP developer can use to provide extensible architecture for maintaining, developing, and deploying PHP web applications. It uses ORM, MVC and other design patterns so that the cakePHP developer has to write fewer codes.

PHP has numerous benefits

PHP is open source, loads quickly, is integratable with HTML, and is search engine friendly. The fact that modern website owners are rushing to find an affordable PHP development company is not without reason. There are several benefits to using an affordable PHP development company. First, because you can write more code for less money, secondly because you can invest the extra money in other parts of design/development/marketing and lastly because many people feel that code is code no-matter who writes it; this is only partially true.

How we develop PHP code differently:

Some coders may write code in a lazy way without any proper indenting or instruction for other coders to pick up where one left off. Think of coding kind of like reading a book, imagine if the book had all the same words but they were all stuck together without paragraphs, chapters or an index to point you to the right place to find out about a certain topic; you would certainly become confused and unable to follow this book. In regards to php software development, code written in this way will work but only the original coder will understand it, and if your coder ever falls out or if it has not been developed how you wanted it than you are likely to lose all the money you have invested thus far. Our Los Angeles PHP coders write perfect code that any other coder can follow if there comes a time in the future where you want to build on our original project, it will be possible with ease.

A PHP development company can build code as an apache module and in this format; PHP is really very light and fast. However, that does not mean that a PHP development company has to tune with mod Perl to keep the server’s memory small. The PHP development company you choose will love it because PHP puts very little pressure on servers. It has its own built-in memory space to reduce the stress from the server.

A PHP development company will not use it just for content manipulation; they also use it to send http headers. The script provides excellent connectivity to external libraries and major databases including Informix, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle, Solid and ODBC. Naturally, a PHP development company can generate PDF documents, parsing XML and do any other thing (connecting to remote servers, URL coding, redirecting, checking email through IMAP, POP3 etc.) using the PHP programming.

A PHP development company also helps you get rid of IDE or any special development environment by going right into the web pages. A PHP development company can use PHP code (starts with <?PHP and end with ?> ) or the ASP style code with <%%>, or configure the tags. The PHP engine will take care of everything that a cakePHP developer has written in between these tags.

The only drawback of PHP is that you need a compatible server to run it. Still, you can fix this problem without hiring a PHP development company. This is very simple to configure if you run your own server. However, if you have an ISP provider, your PHP development company will ask for their support team to install PHP.

Finally, with the PHP development coded by a professional cakePHP developer you can expect a hassle free and comprehensive way to develop your webpage by hiring a PHP development company.

PHP is an open source programming language. Therefore, you can visit their official website and get a copy of it without paying a single penny. The download will also come with manuals, features and benefits. This is the reason to get an affordable PHP development company that has extensive background in the subject matter and can build these PHP software applications quickly and without costing you an arm and a leg. If you learn about PHP coding, you can do some of the work yourself and then hire a PHP development company to finish the job, this can also save you a great deal of money. You will need to hire a cakePHP developer if you want to make the most of it.

Why hire PHP developers

PHP programming is far easier than other programming languages. Still, it is wise to get a cakePHP developer for your website. It is not difficult to find an affordable PHP development company available in the market. If you choose the right PHP development company, you will really like the results. Cheap doesn’t always translate as good, but sometimes picking a middle/low price is a much better option than simply going with a company that provided you the lowest price especially if the company is overseas and you have no guarantee what kind of work you will get. They can show you portfolios all they want, but how do you know that they really did develop the kind of applications that they claim to have developed?

When you hire a PHP development company or a cakePHP developer, you are seeking help from people who focus only on the technicalities associated with PHP coding. Obviously, the right PHP development company will improve the quality of service. For instance, a trained and experienced cakePHP developer will know certain tips and tricks to make the most of it.

Even an affordable PHP development company should have thorough experience in Ajax, Java, MySQL, XHTML, HTML, Joomla, VBScript, etc. Also, some PHP development company offers debugging, maintenance, upgrade, integration, and sales services. So, you will get complete support from the PHP development company.

If you hire a cakePHP developer, you don’t have the hassle of maintaining a separate department.  An affordable PHP development company works on a contract basis. So, if you don’t like a PHP development company, you can end the contract and shift to another PHP development company. Naturally, it will give you a lot of freedom to choose an affordable PHP development company or cakePHP developer according to your needs.

In fact, there are some freelance cakePHP developers such as our company who can really come up with fantastic tailor made solutions that are customized for your specific needs.

Some tips to hire PHP Development Company

When you are looking for a PHP development company, you are searching for quality. So, you should always check out the qualifications and experience of the staff. Before you hire a cakePHP developer ask him/her right-away about his/her experience. Check out the portfolio of the affordable PHP development company carefully. The ideal PHP development company should have worked on many other verifiable projects.

Though one of the reasons to hire a cakePHP developer is to save some money, affordability should not be among your major priorities when searching for cakePHP developer. Ideally, you should be looking for an affordable PHP development company who will provide excellent service and support.

So, look for an affordable PHP development company that has a responsive customer support and skilled and experienced staff. Also, it is important that the cakePHP developer stays committed to finishing the assignment within the stipulated deadline. The affordable PHP development company should maintain the data security and secrecy standards. Read the terms and conditions that the PHP development company offers before sealing the deal.

Finally, you should prefer the local and affordable PHP development company. Hiring a Los Angeles cakePHP developer will make it easier for you to monitor their progress.

Now, this will lead us to an ever expanding debate – whether to choose an onshore affordable PHP development company or to simply outsource the task to another affordable cakePHP developer.

Offshore or Onshore

The only real advantage of hiring an offshore PHP development company is affordability. If you can get an affordable PHP development company in Los Angeles, there is no reason to send it to a PHP development company thousands of miles away. Now, the good news is you can find a Los Angeles cakePHP developer who will provide quality service at the rate of an offshore affordable PHP development company. The added benefit of hiring a local Los Angeles California USA cakePHP developer is that he/she will understand your needs better because he/she lives closer to your area, speaks the same language, is close to the same time zone, and will have a much better understanding of your concept, and you won’t have to go back and forth as often because of things like misunderstandings in project scope/requirements.


With the growing popularity of PHP web application development, and the increasing demand for hiring an affordable PHP development company, our company has been growing rapidly because we combine all the comforts of affordability, high quality work, and local presence to deliver you the kind of service that you expect. We are always keeping up with new innovations such as with our new cakePHP developers who are developing modern web applications in cakePHP. You should be careful before hiring the ideal PHP development company and take everything into consideration, don’t risk being awake everynight at 3AM just to speak with your offshore development company, hit language barriers, and end up with a project that does not reflect your original vision only to find yourself having to spend more money to re-develop it. Let’s help you do it right the first time; hire Website design By Adam for only a little more than offshore developers but for far less than average USA development rates.


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