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One of the earliest shopping cart programs, OS Commerce website design has withstood the test of time and helped create the function that has allowed so many small businesses to create a secondary revenue stream for their brick and mortars.

The “OS” in OS Commerce, in case you are wondering , stands for “Open Source,” and that in fact points to one of the main strengths of this software—that so many coders have helped contribute to this program and feel passionately attached to it. Somewhat like the community around the Content Management System, WordPress, the OS Commerce website design community is similarly helpful. OS Commerce developers love to lend a hand when it is needed.

OS Commerce has also spawned some competitors which have become popular in their own rite: OS CMax and Zen Cart (an increasingly popular choice).

What are the benefits of using this kind of shopping cart function for your e-commerce website?

OS Commerce’s Simplicity

Out of the box, as you might say, OS Commerce offers a great simple solution for your e-commerce website. Because it was one of the earliest shopping carts, it took the notion of K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple Stupid) seriously. So you won’t get a lot of bells and whistles with the basic package, just a straightforward shopping cart function that let’s you get the job done.

Just about anyone with a bit of technical expertise can install the basic function onto his or her website; you hardly need to worry about having a exper tOS web developer if that is all you want.

OS Commerce Website Design Add-Ons

Since it is not 2002 anymore, however, you may want to make your shopping cart a little bit more up to date. This is where the OS Commerce web developer community comes it. They have the largest library of add-ons for any E-Commerce application on the web. So if you need to add a function, you go to the OS Commerce website and you locate the right add-on to do what you want it to.

As you might imagine however, given the number of add-ons available, this starts to get a bit more complicated. This is usually the point at which clients look for an OS Commerce developer like me to help them with their OS Commerce website design.

OS Commerce Recent Updates

OS Commerce has recently come out with 3.0 version that is a big improvement on its previous versions. It is more secure than the original version and it better set-up for PHP 5 and MySQL 5—both programming languages that are used for designing a website—in fact OS Commerce itself is written in PHP.


Of course, one of the biggest selling points of this program is that it is free! (At least the basic package is.) That is part of the reason why it is such a popular technology.

You should keep in mind however that installing it and the add-ons that inevitably go along with it will cost you time, which, if you don’t have it, means you may have to pay a bit to have this part done for you.

What are the drawbacks of OS Commerce?

The Add-On Problem

Many an OS Commerce web developer has questioned whether having so many add-on’s is really such a good thing. Beyond the time it takes to sift through add-ons for the right function you are looking for, there is also the problem of processing time when it comes to having so many add-ons. Critics of the site claim that this many add-ons inhibit the performance of the site.

OS Commerce does, in fact, require some additional work beyond your initial set-up, so if you do not want to take the time to learn how to add these yourself, your best bet is to hire an OS web developer like me to help extend the functionality of your OS Commerce website design.

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