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Many local businesses are now discovering the benefits of adding an e-commerce solution to their Omaha web design. Is an e-commerce solution right for your Omaha internet marketing campaign? Could you afford to add an e-commerce function to your Omaha web design? Would such a solution actually bring in extra revenue?

In more cases than you might expect, the answer is yes.

Omaha Web Design Solutions for Small Business

So, first let’s begin with what an e-commerce website is. When you hire an Omaha web designer to create a website with e-commerce solutions, what actually gets installed? An e-commerce website is basically an online store like Amazon or E-Bay. It basically makes it so that visitors to your site can order your merchandise or services right on your website without ever having to visit your physical store.

The benefits of having this kind of an ecommerce solution as part of your Omaha web design is pretty obvious. First, with this kind of an Omaha internet marketing solution, your business is no longer bound by physical geography. Your business can now reach not only customers in Nebraska, but customers on the Atlantic coast or in the Pacific islands.

Second, with a shopping cart function on your site, time is no longer an obstacle either since your customers could be making purchases at 2 am as well as 2 pm. You could literally be fast asleep while customers put in their orders.

Basically, when you allow an Omaha web designer install this kind of function as part of your Omaha web design, you are, in effect, opening up a new storefront on the Information Superhighway as it used to called.

You should not, however, let just any Omaha web designer install your shopping cart function. You want to make sure that your overall Omaha web design is secure and easy to use, so this is no time for a web designer to learn on the job.

You should hire Website Design by Adam as your remote Omaha web designer. Our experienced team of web designers has been creating affordable custom web design solutions for small to medium sized businesses for over a decade. ASP.NET, VB, PhP, C or Java—we know and have worked with them all hundreds of times. Regardless of what your Omaha web design will need we can build it and we can make sure that your website has the security and efficiency that will inspire the trust of your customers.

Omaha Internet Marketing Solutions

But just installing an E-commerce solution as a part of your Omaha web design is not enough. As your remote Omaha web developer we will also make sure that we design your website with OSCommerce SEO in mind.

What is OSCommerce SEO?

OSCommerce SEO is the process by which e-commerce sites attract the attention of Google and make sure that your site can be found on the internet by potential customers.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization starts with keyword research and analysis. Your remote Omaha web developer will find out with which terms your customers search for you business and then use these keywords to help design your site.

There are two aspects to the application of this keyword research:

On-Page SEO: In On-Page SEO, your remote Omaha web designer will use the targeted keywords to do everything from programming the links within your website to helping you choose your domain name (if you haven’t already).

Off-Page SEO: In Off-Page SEO, your remote Omaha web developer will build links back to your website from other related websites and directories so that you not only get visits from potential customer but also increase the power of your PageRank (Google’s evaluation of the popularity of a website—it is largely based on how many other websites link to it).

These two processes together form a potent formula for helping to build your web presence.

Of course, you may be wondering how much this kind of OSCommerce SEO will cost you and whether it is worth it.

Website Design by Adam is committed to offering businesses of all sizes accessible price points at which they can get their affordable custom web design. This is because, as a growing company ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to increase your clientele. Our affordable custom web design, however, can play a strong role in helping speed up the success of your business.

So, if you are ready to order your affordable custom web design today, just give us a call at (866) 809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab above.

We look forward to being your remote Omaha web designer for all your internet marketing needs.

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