Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Often the hardest time I have with clients is convincing them to follow through on Off-Page SEO. Many clients are okay with making sure that their on-page SEO gets done. But when I approach them about their link building campaign, I can hear their reluctance to follow through with this aspect of SEO. Often I just have to send their websites out into the world with only half of the work done because the client doesn’t want Off-Page SEO.

The truth however is that Off-Page SEO is just as important as anything that we do on your website. Making sure that your website is keyworded is important and may even get you to rank well for some of your pages that are going up against less-competitive keywords. However, if you want to increase the effectiveness of your website, the name of the game is link-building.

Off-Page SEO basically involves making sure that as many relevant websites as possible are linking back to your websites creating not only new traffic to your website but also new bridges that the robots will follow back as well.

Why are the robots important? Google and other search engines determine the importance of websites by how many links they have from other sites and by the importance of the websites that they link from. Thus the importance of link building.

So how to do you go about getting back links?

There are actual several ways. You can, of course, ask websites to link back to you—which some of them may do ( sometimes for a fee). Along these lines, you can make sure that your website gets noted by directories in your field. (Sometimes these are pay as well.)

In addition, you might also try article marketing—writing an article and then posting it onto an article farm where web visitors can take the article to use on their site so long as they create a link back to your website. Since so many websites are in search of fresh content in order to keep up with Google’s demands, they will gladly take well-written articles to post on their site. (Though sometimes they will fail to post the connection back to your website.)

You might also try forum posting as a way to get links back. Many websites related to your business probably allow you to post comments. Sometimes these are actual forums where people are discussing a particular topic, sometimes you can just add your comments to the end of an article. One, of course, must always be sure to make sure that the website actually allows the robots to follow the links back to your website. Many forums sever the bridge.

One more note about back linking: It is also important to try to create an anchor text for your link that emphasizes one of your keywords—this heighten the impact that this kind of link building has for your website.

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