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Website Design by Adam—For Affordable and Professional New York City Website Design

Why hire just any amateur New York City web designer or overpriced downtown internet marketing corporation, when you can get your website design created by the best and most affordable New York City web designer not in the Big Apple?

Whether you are looking to reach stock brokers on Wall Street or summer tourists visiting Central Park, our dedicated New York City web design can help you find your customers where they live and work. Our Geo-targeted search engine optimized strategies have a proven track record. And if you are looking to expand beyond the physical limits of your brick and mortar to reach a national audience, we can help you with that too. The New York City website design we can create for you, can reach not only to the Five Boroughs, but any or all of the Fifty States.

Why are we confident that we will fulfill your small business E-commerce needs? Because Website Design by Adam is also a growing business, and we know that a small business, is only “small” for those who aren’t living it 24/7. To those striving every hour of every day to build a top flight business, launch a start-up, or maintain a non-profit, our “small” businesses are a big deal.

Established in 2001, Website Design by Adam has both the expertise and experience to help your business take its next step onto the online world of E-commerce.

So how can we help you reach your business goals?

If you don’t have a web presence…

Website Design by Adam can help design your website right from the beginning. The mistake that many small businesses make is to design their sites without thinking about Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) from the beginning. SEO is the proven strategy that will help Google and other search engines to find and rank your site. Your dedicated New York City web designer will make sure that you get your SEO right from the very beginning, choosing the right domain name, finding the a stable and secure web host, and planning your website pages in a way that helps (rather than hinders) the Google bot to find your site.

If you want to take control of your content we can set of a WordPress or Drupal platform that embodies both a professional look while remaining user friendly, so that adding more content to your site is a breeze.

If you have an old site that is all but abandoned…

Your dedicated NYC Web Design team will help you to refresh and optimize your site so that it shines. Our expert knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, MySQL, ASP.NET, C# and VB can be applied to your site to increase its functionality and attractiveness. In addition, if your page content is old and tired, we can rewrite it to make it conversion ready.

We can even take your website to the next level by adding E-commerce capabilities such as Zen Cart, a virtual shopping cart so that your customers can buy your products or book your services from anywhere at any time without ever having to contact you on the phone.

If you have an E-commerce enabled website that is just underperforming…

Our New York City web design team can help promote your site through Geo-Targeting and link-building so that your site’s Page Rank will increase and you will start climbing positions on search engine results pages. We can also further increase your web presence by managing your blogs; establishing a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter; and, creating promotional landing pages that target conversion ready visits through a combination of well-chosen long-tail keywords and Pay-Per-Click campaigns. (Our founder Adam K. is a Google Certified Adwords Partner, the benchmark of excellence in web marketing.)

We also can help monitor and analyze your web traffic once your site has been optimized and during your Pay-Per-Click promotions to determine not only the sources of your traffic but also to track which sources lead to conversions and which fail. In addition, with Behavioral Retargeting we can help to recover some users who come to your site but don’t buy immediately, bringing them back for a second or third visit.

Finally, if your business needs a rebranding to better capitalize on its new internet presence we can help guide you through this transition.

With affordable packages for all scales of business, our New York City website design is the solution for your e-commerce challenges. So if you are really serious about maximizing your online presence and profits, just fill out your contact info and let us help you take your New York City website design to the next level.

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