Microsites for SEO

Microsites for SEO

Many companies are now discovering the benefits of microsites for SEO and web marketing, I would advise using this as your SEO Company since they know all about this topic. I’ve turned some of my clients on to web marketing ideas like this, and many of them have found them to be a great way of killing two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.

What are microsites and why do they have such a positive for SEO on your own site?

A microsite is a targeted site containing only about a half a dozen pages; microsites work as satellites to your main website. There are several reasons why microsites are particularly good when it comes to web marketing ideas.

First, your microsite can be used to target a niche audience that your main website is not reaching. This is especially useful if you have a large sprawling site whose message to a particular subset of your audience may have become somewhat diluted. So, for example, let us say that you are in the vintage toy market business and you have a large site with everything from Cabbage Patch Dolls to Hula Hoops. But you notice that a new site has started geared at the toy train crowd—and that it is doing well. You have a number of model trains, including Lionel Trains—the big seller on that other site. But the web users who are interested in these types of trains are not finding your vintage toy site.

A microsite could be the solution. You start a site centered solely on model trains and target that vintage model train crowd, drawing them to your microsite and then having them link back to the relevant train pages on your main site. Voila! New traffic! New customers! More cash.

Microsites, for SEO purposes, are also great. This in not only because you can automatically create links back to your site from the microsite, but also because you can control exactly how you make these connections/hyperlinks and where they connect to. This makes it so that you gain the full power of the link juice from your microsites. Not only that, but you gain actual traffic, which is what you actually want, anyway.

Microsites also allow you to laser target your SEO, by focusing on a very specific group of long tail keywords that in combination can carve out a subset of your overall market that simply gets lost on your main site. This starts with the URL of your microsite which can be the main keyword you are targeting or a variation on it. So in the example above, we might use “Lioneltrainsmadness.com” as our URL in order to target the main product we are selling.

This provides a double strong SEO punch when you have individual pages that key into specific types of Lionel trains: “Lioneltrainsmadness.com/Lionel-Delta-steamer.”

For a large website you can create multiple microsites for SEO and purely for marketing, thus creating many roads through which your customers can reach you.

Also, because microsites are so specific in their purpose, they tend to rank relatively well and to have less need of constant maintenance in order to keep them going.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of microsites, just give me a call at (866) 809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab on the right.

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