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So you have your Miami web design up and running. You got your site up. It looks okay. But no one is visiting. You get one visitor here, one visitor there, but not really enough to make any difference.

What is missing?

What you need is an SEO expert to conduct your Miami internet marketing campaign.

What does and SEO expert do?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process by which a Miami web designer goes about designing your website so that it gets found by Google and the other search engines. A good Miami web developer will begin your website design with SEO in mind, but unfortunately all too many a Miami web design neglects this vital ingredient.

Your Miami web designer should begin by doing keyword research, in which you find and target which keywords your customers are using to search for businesses like yours and then, in consultation with you, creating a short list of such keywords so that your website can get coded properly.

Then your Miami web developer will focus your SEO on two different strategies:

SEO for your Miami Web Design

The first step your SEO expert will take is to integrate the keywords you have targeted with your Miami web design in a process that is known as “On-Page SEO.” This part of the process involves getting your keywords into everything from your URL, web content and page titles to working them into the very architecture of your site.

As your remote Miami Web Developer, Website Design by Adam has the technical skill to handle this and all aspects of your Miami web design. Our programming team has been providing affordable custom web design to small to medium sized businesses for over a decade and we are perfectly fluent in the major programming languages including Java, VB, ASP.NET, PhP and C.

You should not entrust this technical duty to just any Miami web designer. Many new website designers simply don’t understand SEO well enough to do this process well and will create a web design that not only is not SEO’d but that will actually hinder Google and the other search engines from finding your site (such as creating a Flash website that loads slowly, keeping the Google bot from indexing your site.)

Miami Internet Marketing

But it is not all about what you do on your site. Your SEO expert also needs to engage in an internet marketing campaign—called “Off-Page SEO”—in which you create links from related websites and directories back to your company web page. This process can be difficult to conduct by yourself and can be quite time consuming if you do not know exactly what you are doing, which is why you should hire an experienced SEO expert like Website Design by Adam.

In addition, many a company will use “Black Hat” techniques that may actually get your website banned from Google—so you need to be careful of who you hire for this service.

Our Pay Per Click Consultant Service

Even after your SEO expert creates an SEO’d site and conducts a link-building campaign, you may still want to conduct a supporting Pay Per Click campaign to get things going more quickly and to approach keywords that cannot be reached through organic SEO techniques.

Many companies engage in a Pay Per Click campaign in-house without the help of a Pay Per Click consultant only to find that few conversions take place. As with an SEO campaign, a Pay Per Click campaign also requires careful keyword research from your Miami internet marketing specialist. Your Pay Per Click consultant can help you do decide which keywords to target with your organic SEO campaign and which to approach with a Pay Per Click campaign.

But targeting the keywords is only the first part of your Pay Per Click campaign. Your Pay Per Click consultant will then help you to decide when to target these keywords and for which geographically areas.

Most importantly, your Pay-Per-Click consultant and SEO expert will need to create an ad that is sticky and that actually gets internet users to click on it, since the rates Google will charge will in part be determined by how effective your ads are (because Google gets paid by the click).

Then once users click on your ads they will be taken to landing page where you will get a chance to “convert” them (turn them into customers). This page too needs to be expertly written if it is going to achieve your goals.

All of this is often beyond the ability of many a Miami web designer who may be good at coding and graphics but may simply not have the writing and marketing ability to pull off a Pay-Per-Click campaign.

That is why Website Design by Adam should be your choice as your Miami web designer. We have an SEO team that includes coders for coding, writers for writing, and marketers for marketing. We don’t ask our writers to code or our coders to write ad copy—we leave our SEO expert service to the experts on our team so that you get your website found and maximize your bottom line.

So if you are ready to get started or have more questions, just give us a call at (866) 809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” icon above.

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