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Given the harsh realities of the current economy, it has never been more important to make sure that you have an effective Memphis website design. Whether you are selling handmade Elvis memorabilia or automobiles, you need your website to lend you a hand.

As you know, these days, having a website is like having a listing in the Yellow Pages used to be. But you should not leave you website design to just any web designer in Memphis. Your website needs to be more than just a place you can direct customers to check out your times or find your address online. Your Memphis website design needs to be a way of drawing new customers to your business and maybe even becoming a secondary source of revenue.

How can Website Design by Adam put our ten years of experience designing small business websites to work for your enterprise?

Fashioning a State-of-the-Art Website Design

If you have a flat simple website that you had created a few years ago but that you never really use or think about, and that never really draws any business, it is probably time to look to redesign it. Our dedicated Memphis web designer can help you to imagine and build a Memphis website design that will act like an online advertisement for your business.

By adding features like Flash, we can present your products and services in an attractive eye-catching manner so that your site can attract new customers to your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps even more importantly we can use SEO—“Search Engine Optimization”—to make you more visible on search engines like Google and Yahoo so that when customer in your area search for products and services related to your business they find your site. Researching the keywords your customers search with and targeting these keywords through your website design can make a huge difference to your bottom line in the long run and mean the difference between you getting online customers or your competitor reaching them.

E-Commerce Capabilities

If you have a product or service that is not geographically bound, we can also install Zen-Cart or OS Commerce shopping cart functions right onto your website so that customers from around the block or around the world can buy your products quickly and securely regardless of whether it is 1 am or 1 pm. This amazing opportunity for added revenue can turn your website into a second avenue of revenue that lets you literally make money while you sleep.

Behavior Retargetting

But you need not settle for just getting your customers the first time they visit your site. As your Memphis web development firm, Website Design by Adam can also help you to get customers back to your site after they have surfed on to other sites. Through behavioral retargeting, we can place a cookie on your customers’ browsers so that when they move on to other sites on the internet they will be reminded of your products and services through strategically placed and timed ads. This amazing form of marketing is such a powerful tool because studies show that most internet customers do not buy products and services on a first visit to a website. It often takes two or three visits before a customer decides to pull out his or her wallet. Through behavioral retargeting, we can increase the chances that your Memphis website design reaps the benefits of these subsequent visits.

Social Media Marketing

Acting as your Memphis web designer, Website Design by Adam can also make sure that your business builds your relationship with your customers on the up-and-coming marketing space, the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. These newer spaces are becoming increasingly important ways of building brand recognition and communicating with customers and potential customers.

Website Design by Adam can not only create profiles for your business on these web platforms but also maintain them as part of our Social Media package.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In addition to your SEO’s organic marketing strategy, you may also find it useful to coordinate a Pay-Per-Click campaign in which you can position ads for your business on high traffic, high competition web search results. Though more expensive on a per customer basis than an SEO strategy, Pay-Per-Click advertising has the advantage of quicker—though temporary–results.


Finally we can also help you to create a recognizable brand for your business, fashioning everything from your company’s online logo to creating actual physical letterhead and pins.

We can also do the more subtle actions of making sure that all of your website copy has a consistent tone and writing style through our writing services.

Regardless of which services you find most useful for you Memphis website design, we hope to you will let Website Design by Adam be your Memphis web development firm.

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