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Billing itself as “the fastest growing E-commerce application” on the web, Magento, Varien’s shopping cart function for website design, is one of the newer shopping cart programs available. Created in 2008, Magento was recently acquired by Ebay to fill out its Xcommerce offerings.

So, as compared with other shopping carts, is Magento website design for you?

Here’s what Magento web development has to offer:

Strong Programming and Financial Backing

Magento was once one of the applications created by the web consulting start-up Varien, until Varien, in order to simplify things, changed their name to Magento. Roy Rubin, the primary consultant, and Yoav Kutner, the primary developer, started Varien in 2001, and developed the Magento shopping cart function to fulfill the needs they heard from their small business clients who could not afford to develop their own shopping cart function.

Now that Magento has been bought by Ebay, the strong financial backing of one of the world’s top E-commerce sites is sure to only accelerate Magento’s growth and visibility, and is, given Ebay’s profile as a leading e-commerce site, a strong recommendation for Magento website design in its own rite.

In addition, Varien/Magento actively monitors and updates its Magento platform to iron out bugs and to make sure that it remains as secure as possible against cyber attacks.

A Strong Foundation in PHP and Zend

Magento web developers have based the shopping cart function on PHP 5 object oriented coding standards within a Zend framework. If you are not technically oriented that probably sounds like gobbled-e-goop to you, but here is basically what this means:

PHP originally stood for personal home page in 1995 when is was first created and now stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor (yes, with the first “P” stand for “PHP”—typical coder humor, don’t ask). PHP is a scripting language. It’s original goal, as the name indicates, was to produce web pages and it is still largely used for this. The latest version of PHP, PHP 5.0, is especially directed at dealing with what are called “objects”—structures of data—in a smooth and efficient manner. Magento’s more recent arrival on the scene has allowed it to capitalize on these advances in programming.

Written in PHP 5.0, Magento website design uses a Zend framework. Because Zend is written in PHP 5.0, it is perfectly suited to web pages and their functions.

Put simply, Magento website design uses the latest web languages and frameworks to create a state of the art shopping cart that even E-bay envied enough to buy.

Great Default Template

One of Magento’s great selling points is that it is just a beautiful piece of work right out of the box. Most merchants who opt for Magento find little need to make many changes to it and simply install it as is onto their websites.

Outstanding for Use Across Multiple Websites

Magento’s more recent creation means that it learned from the shopping carts that preceded it as well. One of these lessons was the need for a shopping cart function to be easily implemented across multiple websites. Magento has been especially tailored for this.

Of course, there are also some drawbacks to Magento:

An Overly Complicated Coding System

All shopping carts have some drawbacks. In the case of Magento, its drawback is that it has a coding language that is very dense and complicated. Luckily for you, this will not be your proble–it will be your web developer’s problem. But this very complication points to the reason why you can’t just hire any web developer for your website design. The programmers at Website Design by Adam have mastered Magento, but many web development firms have not. Your online business and the security of its transactions are simply too important to leave up to inexperienced programmers just learning this complicated code for the first time.

In addition, this complicated language also means that many programmers will not make modifications to the Magento package once installed in fear of creating knock on problems they can’t foresee. Yet another reason to hire an expert Magento installation and design team like ours.

Finally, Magento is also slightly outperformed in terms of processing speed by other shopping carts. This is barely noticeable for the most part but is something to keep in mind before going all in. This basically means that you will need semi-dedicated web hosting which will cost you an extra $25 to $100 per month in webhosting fees.

Put simply, Magento is definitely an e-commerce solution worth exploring for your websites. In addition to their many packages, Magento has solutions especially designed for small and emerging businesses, such as their Magento Go package. These packages are perfect for businesses which are just beginning to wade into the oceans of the World Wide Web and are looking for a comprehensive solution to meet their needs.

If you are considering trying Magento out for with your website or having an E-commerce website created with Magento already built in, just contact us with the form to the right. Quotes are, as always, free.

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