Long Beach Website Design

Long Beach Website Design

Are you satisfied with your Long Beach website design? When is the last time that your website brought you new customers or made you some money? If you have a website but have basically forgotten about it because it serves as little more than a business listing on the web without actually attracting any attention or helping to increase your bottom line, maybe it is time to rethink your Long Beach internet marketing strategy.

What can a new and improved Long Beach website design do for your business?

Attract New Customers Through Search Engine Visibility

If your Long Beach website design is not attracting new customer to your business, it is likely the case that your site has not been properly SEO’d. SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is the key to getting yourself found by search engines like Google, and to making sure that you reach the right web users not just anyone who happens to be surfing the web.

A proper SEO strategy involves two distinct phases. In the first, On-Page SEO, your Long Beach web developer will find search terms (“keywords”) related to your business and use them to code and write the content for your site, so that when search engines come upon your site, they categorize the pages to match with these targeted keywords. This will make it so that your pages actually pop us for those users who are searching for your kind of business.

The second phase of SEO, known as Off-Page SEO takes place outside of your immediate Long Beach website design. In it, links are created from other websites back to your website, so that you not only attract human users back to your Long Beach website design, but also boast your visibility on Google and the other search engines because of these added links, thus creating even more search engine traffic.

Affordable Custom Web Design

In addition to SEO, however, your actual Long Beach website design needs to be fashioned attractively enough that you can convert web visitors into customers. Our experienced, Long Beach website design team can help create an affordable custom web design that will help you to not only increase traffic but boast your bottom line.

Our dedicated Long Beach website design team is equally comfortable with PHP as with ASP.NET. Whether it is C# or Java that your website design requires, our savvy team can handle it. Your Long Beach web designer will not be some amateur who has just gotten his degree but an experienced coder who loves to create attractive web designs whose stickiness will pull customers right in.

Whether you need an inviting warmly colored Long Beach website design for your restaurant or a cool professional, authoritative website for your law firm’s practice—our designers can make it pop.

And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Your affordable custom website design can be up and running fast and you can start changing how you draw in new customers.

E-Commerce Solutions

But the effect of your Long Beach website design on you bottom line need not just be indirect. By making your website into an online store you can actually open a second stream of revenue for your business. It has never been easier to install a shopping cart function onto your website so that you too can be earning money even while you sleep.

Just think of it: your Long Beach web developer could design an online version of your store that never closes and that can reach customers not only in Beverly Hills but in the Seven Hills of Rome. You could literally be making money from customers that never stepped a foot into your store.

And this need not just be for customers with retail stores. Do you own a pub by the beach? Do you know a local artist who designs cool shirts? Why not get them to design you t-shirts with your pub name and sell it not only at your pub but on your website as a souvenir for tourists? You could do the same with mugs and other knick-knacks from your store. Customers who want to buy some extra shirts for friends back home can just hop on your website and viola—cha-ching!

Worried about safety? Don’t. Zen-Cart, OS Commerce and Magento are shopping cart functions that employ the same level of security as large online retailers like Amazon and E-Bay. (In fact, E-Bay recently bought just such a platform to use as their own online shopping cart function.) Basically, when your Long Beach web designer installs one of the shopping cart platforms, they are installing the industry standard when it comes to shopping carts.

Put simply, Website Design by Adam want to be your one stop shop for all your Long Beach internet marketing and design needs. Ready to get started or want to find out more? Just give us a call at (866) 809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab.

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