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Regardless of whether you are an individual criminal defense attorney or a mid-sized corporate law office, you need your legal web design to help you reach new clients. The days when you can simply have a phone listing and a bit of advertising in local print mediums has passed. These days, a law firm—like every other kind of business—must have a professional looking legal web design if they want to stand out from the competition.

Website Design by Adam has been providing professional law websites at affordable prices for over decade. We are a Google Certified Adwords Partner (the benchmark of excellence in the Internet Marketing community) and we specialize in providing small to medium sized law firms with law website design and legal marketing for the web.

Here is just a taste of the services we can offer your law firm:

Professional Looking Legal Web Design

Our bread and butter is designing high quality, affordable legal web design. Our team of web designers will consult with you and use your input to create a clean website design that highlights your services presented in a clear and user friendly format.

Our designers can enable your site with Flash programming, and create easy to use information forms so your customers can contact your offices at their convenience. We are also thoroughly fluent in all the major (and several minor) programming languages, such as PhP, ASP.NET, Java, C#, and VB. Regardless of the kind of website you would like to have, we can create it for you.

In addition, unlike other web designers who rely on pre-fab templates for their legal website development, we can build a fully customized website that is especially designed for the functions you would like to perform. Individual custom templates can also be created so that as you add or delete pages, your site will retain its distinctive look.

SEO Services Specifically Tailored for Legal Websites

Just as import is our mastery of SEO—Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the technique web developers use to make sure that your law website is visible in Google search results. If you are an Entertainment law firm based in Los Angeles, you want to make sure that when a potential client in Bel Air types “entertainment law firms” that your law firm pops up in the search results.

SEO requires us to structure your website design so that it is easily understood by the Googlebot, Google’s website indexer. This means that we will need to research keywords associated with you legal area of expertise, make sure they are properly coded in your website, and create content that will target these keywords. SEO is a process that requires patience and persistence but it is by far the most effective and cost effective way to increase natural traffic and potential leads to your legal website.

Creation and Design of Law Firm Logos

In addition to designing the look of your website, we can also create a distinctive law firm logo so that you will stand out from other companies. Law firm logos allow your legal website to have a distinctive and memorable look and convey a brand identity.

Content Management Systems for Legal Website Development

Do you want to have control over the creation and basic formatting of the content on your website? No problem. We can create a WordPress website that works as a Content Management System for your law firm. WordPress is a platform that allows you to easily add new pages to your website either in a blog post format or as stand-alone pages. In this way you or a paralegal can easily communicate new services or events to potential clients and the greater legal community.

If WordPress is not to your taste we are equally proficient at installing Drupal or Joomla platforms for law websites.

Don’t want to write the content yourself? We also offer a professional writing service as part of our legal website development package. For a per page fee, a professional writer can create your website content to your specs or revise copy you would like posted so that it has the proper tone and style.

Legal Advertising for the Web

Finally, we can also create legal advertising for the web that is specifically tailored for your firm. We can, for example, create a Pay-Per-Click campaign that allows you to attract high end clients whose keywords cannot be easily reached through typical SEO strategies. Pay-Per-Click allows you to create targeted pages for clients using specific search terms.

When executed properly, Pay-Per-Click campaigns are one of the best methods of getting visitors who are “conversion ready.”

So, if you are ready to use the internet as a way of attracting new clients and extending the reach of your law firm, just fill out the contact form to the right. Quotes are always free.

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