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Website Design by Adam is the one stop shop for all your legal web design and legal marketing needs. Whether you are a small injury law firm just looking to create a law website that will increase your clientele, or a rapidly growing divorce law office searching for new strategies of legal advertising for the web, we have the internet web solutions for you.

How can Website Design by Adam help you create your law website stand out from your competition?

Our legal marketing solutions bring results

A Professional Law Website

We begin by creating a clean, professional law website design, so that when clients come across your firm they find a landing page that not only makes it easy for them to find the information they are looking for, but gives them a sense of your professionalism and excellence. Just as it is important to have a well-kept front office that assures clients that you will represent their best interests, so too must your website make customers feel comforted.
Branding and Web 2.0 for your Law Firm

Just as important is creating a unique brand for your online business front. Our legal web design professionals can help make your law firm stand out in what we know is a crowded field of competitors. From creating unique law firm logos and distinctive webpage templates to personalizing your bio page so that customers get to know you before the first handshake, we can help present your website with the tone and style client’s will trust with their legal needs.

In addition, we can help you outpace your competitors by creating a presence on social marketing sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube so that your law firm has yet another avenue by which you can build your client base.

SEO for Legal Website Development

We specialize in Search Engine Optimization for law websites. SEO, as it is known in the internet marketing industry, is the key to getting your law firm seen on the Web and it is a must if you are serious about using the internet as a source for new clients and leads, because without it, your site will remain invisible to search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Keyword Research, Content Creation, and Link Building

SEO is basically a three step process. It begins with doing the keyword research to determine what search terms your legal web design should target. Our SEO specialists will come up with these terms in consultation with you and through keyword analysis tools. We will also examine your competitor websites to determine what keywords and strategies they are using so that we can both take the best parts of their strategy while crafting your own unique approach.

The second step involves creating a your law website in a manner that search engines crave. In part this involves designing a clearly coded website that search engines will find and index easily. It also involves writing the content of your site in a way that Google and other search engines can understand so that they categorize it properly. This is what allows web users to locate your site via Google searches.

Finally, we help to increase what is known as your PageRank—the relative value of your website as determined by the Google algorithm. This final step of your legal marketing is accomplished by creating links to your site from other web pages and sites and is a continuous process.

Legal Website Geo-Targeting

Another way that we can help your law website become more visible on Google and the other search engines is through what is known as geo-targeting. Geo-targeting is a specialized form of SEO in which you can target regions, cities or even neighborhoods so that you will more effectively reach those customers in your area or in areas where you know your law firm’s services will reach its best audience.

When combined with well-thought keyword research this can bring you the kind of law website visitors who are ready to hire you. For example, a keyword phrase like “Burbank Criminal Lawyer” can bring you exactly the clients who are looking for your services, if you happen to be a defense attorney in the LA area. In order to capitalize on this, however, you still must have a website that has a geo-targeted landing page, a good page rank, and a search engine visible legal web design.

The Experience and Expertise to Handle your Legal Marketing

10+ Years of Experience Designing Law Websites

Our team of legal web design experts are thoroughly fluent in the full spectrum of programming languages, including but not limited to PHP, MYSQL, ASP.NET, C#, and VB. We know how to create clean looking, user friendly sites, that both give off a highly professional air and are easy for customers to navigate. Your dedicated legal website development professional can plan and set-up your site to act as a virtual law office, complete with security settings and flashy graphics. Your website can become a web advertisement for your physical location, increasing your law firm’s physical traffic and ultimately your client roster.

The Expertise that Will Save you Time and Money

Finally we have the know-how and expertise to provide you with the web representation that will make your law firm as successful on the web as it is in the real world. Don’t fall for the bottom basement prices of other supposed web designers; they will cost you time and money and ultimately fail to deliver what your site needs. At Website Design by Adam we know, as you do, the value of a professional representative who knows how to put your best case forward.

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