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We know that you have plenty of choices when it comes to your Kent website design. But we also know that not all web designers in Kent are created equal. These days the internet offers too great an opportunity for businesses to pass up, but in order to take full advantage of these opportunities you need to make sure that your Kent web design is fully optimized to reach your potential customers.

Let Website Design by Adam place its ten years of creating small business websites to work for your business. Regardless of whether it is PHP, ASP.NET, C#, Java, or VB, our experienced designers can create the website that fulfills and exceeds your business’ needs and we can do it for affordable prices.

Search Engine Optimization

As Google Adwords Certified Partners we have the knowhow to fashion a website that from its very architecture is geared to being found by search engines. The principles of SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) are also many of the same principles of fundamentally sound website design. Having a sitemap and clear navigational links from every page on your website, for example, are good features not only for the Googlebot (Google’s website indexer), but also for human visitors who appreciate being able to easily find the information or services they are looking for on your site.

SEO is basically a three part process:

Keyword Research: Keyword research allows you to target your customers by the kinds of searches they do on the internet. You want to make sure when internet users search for “cathedral tours” in eastern England your tourism agency in Canterbury pops up in the results. As your Kent web designer, we will find the long tail keywords that will bring you free traffic and identify the higher competition keywords that may be useful in a targeted pay-per-click campaign.

Website Design Optimization: In addition we will maximize the optimization of your Kent website design coding and content, so that search engines can more easily identify what the topic of your website is. This makes it easier for your website to be found by internet users looking for your industry.

Off Page SEO: Once your site is up and running, your dedicated Kent web designer will continue to promote your site, building links and making sure that you have a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and through continuing to create new web pages with fresh content.


In addition, we can also create a Kent website design that goes beyond the reach of your immediate region so that you can contact your ideal customers not only on the British Isles but on the Continent or even in the US. By specifically targeting cities or towns in your area you can increase the chances that when customers in those areas search for your business they will find you.


In addition, as your Kent website design team, we can make your website into a secondary cyber storefront for your brick-and-mortar business. Your Kent website design need not only be an online advert for your physical location. By creating a shopping cart function with Zen-Cart, Magento, OS Commerce or one of the other shopping cart platforms, we can make your website into a revenue stream onto itself. You Kent website design can offer your customers a safe, easy to use way of buying your products from the comfort of their own homes, regardless of whether it is 3 am or 3 pm, and whether they are in East Sussex or the Far East. You could literally be earning money while you are sleeping.

Content Management

Want your Kent website design to keep gathering new content so that Google continues to view your site as a growing presence and rewarding you with increased site ranking? With our new content creation package, you can have your blog and additional keyword optimized pages written by a professional content creator who specializes in SEO content development. In effect, as your Kent web design company, we can keep a professional writer for all your writing needs at your beck and call.

Need a quick page press release? Want to promote your presence at a local event? Looking to rewrite a couple of pages to highlight a new service you provide? No problem. Just drop us an e-mail and your writing assignment will be completed quickly and professionally.

In addition, if you would rather have an easy way of adding your own content, we can install a WordPress, Drupal or Joomla content management platform right into your Kent website design that allows you to add pages and images as you require. With very little experience you can add your own pre-formatted webpages or you can have us design custom designed pages for special projects.

If you are serious about allowing your Kent web design to take full advantage of the options the internet opens up for you, you need to contact us today. Just fill out the form to the right for a free quote.

We look forward to being your Kent web designer.

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