Kansas City Website Design

Kansas City Website Design

Think that because you are in Kansas City, website design is not important? Think again. A professional looking and affordable custom web design is no longer just an extra that corporations use to show that they are keeping current with new developments and trends. These days a Kansas City website design is the key to having a successful business, regardless of whether you sell Life Savers or life insurance.


Well, first because customers these days expect to find a professional looking Kansas City website design. In the Computer Age, customers are less likely to let their finger do the walking as they are to let their fingers do the tapping. Customers simply expect businesses of all kinds to have employed a Kansas City web designer to create a virtual version of their business place.

And it is not enough to just have a shabby looking website that looks like it was designed by just any amateur Kansas City web developer. Just like your customers judge your business by how orderly and attractive your storefront looks, so too do they judge a business by how professional their Kansas City website design looks.

That is why you shouldn’t let just any Kansas City web designer create your website. Your website is your storefront for the entirety of the World Wide Web as it used to be called. So you need a Kansas City web developer that can handle this responsibility.

Website Design by Adam has been fashioning professional looking, affordable custom web design offerings for businesses both large and small for over a decade. Our experienced team of web designers have handled everything from limousine sites to law practices and we know how to deliver a professional product, on schedule, and for affordable prices.

PHP, CSS, XHTML, Java, VB, C# or ASP.NET—we have seen them all and know how to apply them for your Kansas City website design. Regardless of whether you are looking for just a simple three page site geo-targeted to reach local Missouri customers, or whether you need a sleek, professionally coded, affordable custom web design for your WordPress website so that you can continue to add and alter it as your business grows—Website Design by Adam can deliver.

Kansas City Internet Marketing

But, of course, it is not enough for your Kansas City website to be sleek and attractive. If no one can find your website when they do a search for keywords related to your business, then it is all for naught. If your Kansas City website design does not also have a correlating Kansas City internet marketing solution, then your website will languish.

Website Design by Adam is not just a design firm—we also specialize in making sure that our customers’ websites get found and rank well on the search engines. We are Google Adwords Certified Partners, the industry standard when it comes to internet marketing and we have fully mastered all aspects of SEO.

What is SEO and what does it have to do with your Kansas City internet marketing?

SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is the process by which search engine “keywords” are used in your website design and in the promotion of your website in order to insure that your customers can find your website. The process of SEO starts with researching the keywords that customers are using to search for your business. This is done both through consultation with you, the expert in the field, and by looking at what strategies your competitors are using. Your dedicated Kansas City web developer will help to come up with a list of keywords to target in your SEO.

The next step of SEO can roughly be divided into two phases. In one phase, your Kansas City web designer will integrate the targeted keywords right into your Kansas City website design. This process—known as “On Page Optimization”—involves a series of steps from the way the architecture of your website is designed to the content written on your individual webpages.

The other phase of SEO—“Off-Page Optimization”—involves the promotion of your website through the creation of backlinks to your site. This is carried out by your Kansas City internet marketing team, which posts forum comments, articles and directory entries across a range of locations across the internet creating a network of links back to your site. The links your Kansas City web developer creates will not only increase the human traffic to your site in themselves, but will also create traffic from search engine robots like the famed Googlebot, which will in turn increase the ranking of your pages and thus help you to climb the all important Search Engine Results Pages (“SERP’s”) which will thus create even more traffic.

Put together, these two offerings—a killer website design and a personalized Kansas City internet marketing campaign—are the formula for internet success. Along with the various other services we offer—from E-Commerce solutions to geo-targeting, copywriting, and behavioral retargeting—these services make us your best, most affordable choice when it comes to any and all of your Kansas City website design needs.

So what are you waiting for? Give us call at (866) 809-3285 or click the “Live Chat” tab to have all your questions answered by our friendly and helpful customer service person

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