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Who Cares About Java That’s Not In A Cup?

Believe it or not, but there’s a Los Angeles java developer out there that has touched your life in the way you interact with computers.  Surely you’ve seen that easy to spot icon of the steaming cup.  It’s indicating that an application is capable of running under the java runtime environment.  But it’s much more than just computers where you’ll find the work of a java designer.  Mobile devices of all types and sizes benefit from the universal appeal that java application developers feel about the many strengths of the language.  But that still doesn’t explain why anyone other than java coders should care one way or the other.

See if this analogy helps.  Think of the java environment as a movie projector and the java language as the camera.  Now in addition to making a movie, this camera gives you the ability to do some really cool special effects.  In fact the experienced java application designer can make the movie award material.  And now when the movie is combined with the projector, it can be shown on any surface.  Keeping with the analogy, the surface is referring to a platform such as Unix, Windows, Linux, Android and so on.  But the hidden treasure of java web applications is that your movie can share information with other movies in a clear and consistent fashion.  Write once, use many times is the kind of investment that doesn’t happen too often.

And value really is what a java web developer can bring to the table.  Given the state of mobile device development, it’s almost impossible to predict what media will be used to put your message in front of the user.  Whether your application is intended for information gathering or e-commerce, the java coder can implement the latest enhancements to gain maximum return.  And so as your website evolves and you develop more business applications that are specific to your needs, the java developer can easily exchange data between them.  This allows you to focus your software development budget on the effective presentation of data (let’s call It the “what”) rather than on the interface requirements (the “how”).  When the scope of work for a software application is reduced, the cost and development time with is similarly shortened.  And therein lays another one of the many advantages that a java web developer can deliver.

Timing is everything when it comes to business, if you come too late to the party there’s no cake for you.  The speed at which trends occur can outpace the ability for some to gain a position that will capitalize on the movement.  In the growing field of e-commerce it’s the business that can react to the expectations and desires of the customer that gains the largest share.  Now a java web developer can’t make your product faster, smaller, or better.  What they can do is create the most requested method of presenting your product to the customer who is searching for it.  With all the search results that are returned, it’s the business with the most intuitive, reliable interface that holds the eyes of the customer.  And once they start looking, the hardest part of marketing is now behind you.  This brings us back to the most significant advantage, the ability of java applications to run on current and future platforms.

Think back to how many generations of computers, operating systems, personal assistants, phones, and now mobile computing devices.  We’re using a single device that does all of the previous tasks concurrently, and we’re walking down the street while doing them.  And it’s quite possible that this mobile device is also giving you directions.  So what’s so special about that you ask?  Well let’s say that as with any business, you need to maintain a customer database.  So long ago you settled on a product and built the user interface to supply the necessary information.  While the information that you’re requesting never changes, you still want name, address, and phone number, the application that obtains the data must be rewritten each time the customer moves to a new platform or you just lost a customer.

That translates into multiple versions using different languages, each with their own requirements and limitations.  Expecting anyone person to be fluent in that many languages will probably lead to disappointment.  But if you do find that one person, you better hope they never get sick.  On the other hand, the java web developer working in an open source environment can function as a universal translator.  And since the development of new features is not dependant or reliant on one company, the entire community benefits from the submissions provided by talented individuals that share their work.  And that’s where your insight into the total cost model supports the decision to utilize a Los Angeles java web developer that is both experienced and affordable.

So if you need to know the nuts and bolts of how a java application really works there are plenty of resources available.  WARNING!  Some technical aptitude is required.  Do not attempt to assimilate too much information.  But if your interest only extends to the nice to know level then rest assured that the well written java application will provide value in many ways.  The increasing numbers of qualified java coders guarantees the continued supply of talent.  And the ability to shorten the application development cycle allows you to respond faster to market conditions.  Being able to supply a new skin to an existing application minimizes the expense of maintaining a fresh and vibrant user interface.  So grab a cup of coffee, sit back and consider the next move.  The decision to move forward with a java web developer will not be a mistake.

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