How to start an online business

Here are some steps to take and things to consider before starting your online business.

1) Pick the name of your business. There are two ways you can go with this, something cool and catchy, or something that will attract search engine results. If you are starting a new business such as selling saas technology products, I would choose the latter of these options and make sure to use keywords in your business name. For instance: If you are a locksmith in Santa Monica California, I would consider naming your business “Santa Monica Locksmith” if it is available, or some alteration thereof. If you already choose your business name, it’s not too late to save some of your web rankings, you can still choose a different URL like “” if it were available.

2) Have you filled your legal paperwork? Just because your business is online doesn’t mean you can skip the business licensing. Make sure you start off on the right foot and fill out all needed docu
ments to get your business started.

3) Ok, so now you have a domain name and your business name filed; let’s make a phenomenal website! You will need to hire a professional web designer who specialized in Small Business Web Design. I would surf around the net and find 10 companies that have nice websites and look legitimate, next contact those companies and narrow your list down to the top three, and finally you will need to choose the one best suited for your business. For some tips on best practices when choosing a website design company, see my previous web blog: How To Choose A Web Designer

4) Purchase a business phone number, I personally like ring central because it is very flexible, but you are free to research your options about this.

5) So now you have a website design, a business phone number, your paperwork done, and everything is ready to go right? Wrong! We need to make your phone ring! :)

6) Internet Marketing will play a paramount role in any new online business venture. After-all, how will anyone know you are there? Many new entrepreneurs have the misconception that building a website will mean that they automatically get listed on Google and like magic, they get phone calls. This is not at all true, in fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Affordable Hosting Online offer an all-in-one site builder that makes it very easy for a novice to create a great looking custom website with no technical or coding knowledge required, even offers a best reseller hosting they deserve with cPanel and WHM. Proper internet marketing requires a multitude of factors to all be executed correctly and by a professional.

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