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Why is it important to get your Houston Website design done by us?

Consider the following facts:

There are more than 250 million websites on the web: And the number is increasingly by the moment. The day when there will be more websites on the World Wide Web than people in the US is not far off. In fact, the number has gotten so big that ICANN, the internet’s governing body, has indicated that we are running out of unique IP addresses (the code that internet users take when logging onto the internet), and that internet users may have to share IP addresses until something is worked out.

A web presence is now expected: Whether you are a mom-and-pop restaurant just on the outskirts of the greater metro area or law firm right in the heart of the commercial district, customers now expect that you will have a professional website where they can look you over. Having a professional looking website has never been more important.

E-commerce Sales Continue to Increase According to the US Census Bureau internet retail sales in the US for just the first quarter of 2011 were $46 Billion. That’s a 4.6% increase from the year before despite a sluggish recovery.

What does all of this mean for your online business? That you need your Houston website design to help you capitalize on this E-commerce opportunity. If you have not yet created a business website or if your website is practically invisible on the internet, now is the time make it into an extra revenue stream for your business.

What Website Design by Adam Can Do For Your Business as Your Houston Web Designer

Create A Sleek, Easy to Use Houston Website Design: As your dedicated Houston web design company, Website Design by Adam can create a professional looking cyber storefront that compliments your brick-and-mortar business. We offer affordable packages tailored to medium and small businesses looking to expand their reaches.

Our ten years of experience creating websites for customers throughout the Southwest have made us experts of all kinds of website designs and programs and prepared us to become a top tier Houston web design company for small businesses. PHP, MYSQL, ASP.NET, C# or VB—if your website design needs it, we can program it. Need a CMS (Content Management System) to help you continue to add to your site once it is up and running? We can configure WordPress or Drupal (the leading CMS’s on the internet) so that you can create your own content quickly and easily.

Don’t want to do it yourself? Want us to continue adding to your Houston website design? No problem. We can continue to add to your blog and create new pages so targeting customers from the Lone Star State and beyond.

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

In addition, your dedicated Houston Web Developer will help to create an Internet Marketing strategy that maximizes your internet exposure and increases your online leads and revenue streams. We do this through a three part approach:

First, we will build your Houston website design to attract Google and the search engines. We will do this by carefully coding your site and writing your content to help the Search Engines find and rank your site. From the underlying code to the keyword density, your Houston website design will adhere to the tried and true principles of SEO, drawing search engines like bears to honey.

Second, we will Geo-optimize your site so that you can reach niche markets not only in your region but throughout key markets throughout the country. Whether you want to reach Rice University students and alumni to sell them Owls memorabilia or market to convention attendees at the George R. Brown center in downtown, we can help you. With Geo-Marketing you can make it so that your business is more likely to pop up on search results by internet users in particular geographical locations.

Third and last, your dedicated Houston web developer can use link building, pay-per-click and social network marketing strategies to increase your Page Rank and internet revenues. Through carefully tailored link-building strategies we can build your sites prominence, thus helping your business to draw as many free customers as possible. Combining these strategies with Pay-Per-Click we can creating a winning game plan for your business.

What Website Design by Adam offers that other Houston website design firms do not:

Finally, as your US based Houston website designer we offer your business top quality web design at affordable prices. Do not be fooled by shady fly-by-night organizations that promise you first class web design for bottom basement prices. These offshore contractors rarely deliver what they promise without having much lost in translation.

If you are really serious about creating a top Houston website design, contact us right away by filling out the form to the right.

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