Government Website Design

Government Website Design

These days, it’s not enough to just not enough to just have a state government website design that you depend on. Whether you are a mayor’s office, a public school or the local firehouse, it is important that you have a web presence.


First, of course, as a matter of survival. Given the tough economic times in which we currently live, with government services being slashed from the top down, it has never been more important to get the word out about your program’s or service’s importance to the community. One of the key goals that a municipal website design can help to achieve is communicating with your constituency.

Second, communicating what you are doing and what you need help with to the community is the key to effective government. A good local government website design doesn’t just inform people about the hours of operation and give contact numbers. A good government website design helps bring people into the process of government and involves them.

CMS for Government Websites

Because of the ever changing nature of government, you shouldn’t create a static website. That is where a CMS for government websites comes in. A Content Management System like WordPress allows even non-technically oriented people to add pages and alter the content of website pages without calling in a website designer. By using WordPress as part of your government website design, you can easily change the names and contact numbers for government officials or alter calendars or announcements.

Why is a CMS for government websites so easy to use? The reason why such CMS’s work so well for those who are not so technical is because they use WYSIWYG technology. WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) gives you a field in which to type your website content so that you can see exactly how your text will look on your website. This makes it so that you do not even need to know the most basic of HTML in order to create attractive website pages.

Why should you choose Website Design by Adam for your local government website design?

Website Design by Adam is the perfect choice when it comes to your government website design. Website Design by Adam has been creating quality website design for the private sector for over a decade. In that time we have handled a multitude of organizational websites and have learned how to deliver not only complicated websites, but how to deliver them on time and on budget.

In these tough times, your government website design needs to be created efficiently and affordably. Website Design by Adam’s experienced team of programmers knows how to create a public website design that not only has the function that you require of it, but that looks professional. Our programmers know virtually all the major programming languages from PHP to VB. They will make sure that your CSS is attractive and logical and that your HTML code is clear and easily crawlable.

Worried about Security?

Given the many recent headlines about internet security breaches, you may be worried about what creating a website might do to your security risks. You need not worry, however. So long as you keep up with the most recent updates and patches you should be able to keep it from becoming vulnerable. In addition, we will help to install the highest security plugins for your website so that you are as protected as possible in this scary internet landscape.

What are the benefits of a municipal website design?

Your municipal website design can solve several problems at once.

First, having a professional, web conceived government website design can help you save money. A municipal website design can allow citizens to download forms and see message boards online that you would otherwise have to print at the expense of taxpayer dollars. In addition, by having a government website design that ties several departments together makes it easier for departments to communicate with one another. E-mail newsletters can be sent to departments and staff as well.

Second, a local government website design is also a good way to do fund raising, because they allow you to more thoroughly describe and perhaps even show why additional funds are needed. A public website design allows you to increase transparency and display exactly how taxpayer dollars are being spent.

In addition, many other government operations that used to be routed through print mediums can now be incorporated into your government website design.

If you or your municipality is ready to have a top grade public website design, then you should begin by contacting us. Website Design by Adam is ready to become your source for your municipal website design. Just give us a call at (866) 809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab above.

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