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This is Adam with Website Design By Adam. I am going to start really general for those who don’t know much about Google and its adwords program.
Google AdWords is a paid program otherwise known as Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). It is also called pay per click marketing, because every time a consumer clicks on your ad, you must pay a cost for that click. All search engines have this kind of marketing, but the Google search engine is the most popular, and thus the Google AdWords program can be quite effective if a professional account manager does the right things, here you will find out about the Cost of Google Ads.

Google Paid ads are found in the top 3 results at the very top highlighted in Yellow and on the right side bar. Both areas have a note that says “sponsored results”. This is very different from SEO (search engine optimization), otherwise known as the “Organic” or “natural” results.
The reason people are advertising on Google AdWords is to secure a top spot on the search engine quickly and without the long term wait that SEO has. Additionally, PPC (Google AdWords) results are listed more prominently within the Google search results. This is normal, they do need to make money.

Now that you know what Google AdWords is, let me explain some more details.
Now, to recap, everytime you click on a sponsored ad, Google charges a cost for that click. You may be wondering, what is that cost? Well that is a bit of a convoluted matter and has a multitude of deciding factors.

1) How many other businesses are trying to target that same keyword, is there are many, then factors 2 – 5 need to be strong and you may have to take a higher cost per click to rank above the competitor.
2) How well was the ad created. Does it contain the keyword? A Call to action?
3) Is the keyword relevant to the ad group? You need to do some homework before sticking keywords in an ad group, and there needs to be thought put into it. If your ad says “los angeles flower delivery, call now for a 10% discount”, you probably want to make sure the keyword “los angeles flower delivery” and “flower delivery to los angeles” and other similar words are in that ad group.
4) Are the ads + keywords relevant to the landing page? A landing page is the page you are sending clients to when they click on your ad. You may think it’s relevant, but if you didn’t include the keywords in the meta tags, and in the content of that page, the Googlebot could consider it irrelevant.
5) How many people click on your ad vs how many people are searching for that word? Google wants to make money, obviously, and if more people are clicking on your ad than competitors ads, Google realizes that your ad is generating a greater response. So in order for them to make more money on that keyword, they will rank you higher without any additional cost. Step 5 generally happens if you follow step 1- 4 correctly.
Those are the main factors that Google uses to decide relevancy.
Someone asked about competitors clicking on ads. Google tracks your IP address, you are only allowed to click at the very most, once per day, any more often and the merchant will not be charged for the extra click. Google issues refunds called “Click Quality” adjustments. Those are given when you receive competitor clicks or any kind of repeat clicks. Yes, competitors can cost you SOME money, but not as much as you might think due to Google’s filtering system.
If anyone wants to learn about SEO (another kind of internet marketing without any click costs), you can visit this article I have written:

I hope everyone reading this was able to get some benefit from the article, if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

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