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These days, your patients look at your website for doctor or health services before they book an appointment. Regardless of whether you are a dentist or a surgeon, you need to have a professionally crafted doctor website.

Website Design by Adam can offer your medical practice ten years of experience creating small business and physician websites. We know how to create a professional looking medical doctor website that not only presents the information about your practice such as hours and location, but also makes your clients feel at ease.

What can we offer you in terms of doctor website design solutions?

A Clean Professional Looking Medical Website Design

Of course, it all begins with the basics of doctor website design—creating a clean, welcoming appearance so that patients can feel assured they will be well taken care of. Our experienced web designers can help create a website design that will allow your website to stand out from competing physician websites.

Studies have shown that patients now rely on the internet as a means of finding medical solutions for their ailments in greater numbers than ever. For this reason, medical websites for physicians need to offer customers not just the basics but a full treatment of website features, including: an About Page, a Testimonials Page, a Basic Information Page and a Services Page. In addition, if you really want to draw new customers, having a blog that educates clients and potential clients about health matters like protecting the skin with vitamin c serum for face, also helps to build practice recognition.

Geo-targeting Customers in Your Location

In addition to an actual website, you need to make sure that your doctor website can be easily found in your area. In many locations, there are a number of physician websites from which clients can choose. If you want to increase the chances that your website stands out from other local physician websites then you will need to geo-target your web pages.

Website Design by Adam’s trained web developers can target your message so that when potential patients in your area search for a physician, your specially targeted landing page will pop up in the search results.

Social Media Marketing

These days it is also important to have a Facebook Page and to be present on other social media. This new wave of social media marketing presents whole new opportunities for communicating with customers and giving people a sense of your practice.

For example, if you have a suburban pediatrics office and you’re trying to increase your clientele there is little that is better for your visibility than taking part in local events and letting you staff post pictures to you business’ Facebook page and Tweets to Twitter. Of course, as a physician you are unlikely to have the time to do much of this, but if you have a RN or office manager that is capable of creating such office communications, this can help your local prominence.

Content Management

In addition, if you want to maintain a medical practice blog to keep your clients posted about things like school vaccinations or new CDC warnings, we can install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal right onto your doctor website. Wordrpress is the most popular content management system and allows you to easily add pages or posts to your website.

Having a section of your website like this allows you to post information about particular procedures, instructions on what to do before and during a procedure so that your customers can simply look up their information on your website rather than calling your office, and even videos or images showing guides for determining symptoms.

Tired of having you clients be misinformed by a particularly erroneous article they keep on asking you about in the consulting room? Post an article that clarifies matters right on your medical doctor website and refer them to it when they ask you about it during their visits so that you do not have to use up valuable evaluation time explaining the same issue over and over.

Professional Websites for Physicians

A doctor website will increase your visibility and allow a greater level of interaction with your patients. You can introduce patients to their doctors through profiles, post pictures of patients and their families, and generally create a warm inviting feeling for your patients.

Let Website Design by Adam fashion your site! We will help you to create the feeling that you want for your site, regardless of whether you are a podiatrist or a brain surgeon. These days, having a website is a must for every business. If you are serious about promoting your practice you need a medical doctor website.

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