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Having a professional Detroit website design is more important now than ever. With tough the tough economic times you need your Detroit web development firm to help you reach beyond the geographical bounds of your company and to help you reach new customers across Lake Michigan and across the world. This is where Website Design by Adam comes in.

Don’t let just any web designer in Detroit create your website. We can use our ten years of experience creating professional looking and affordable cyber storefront for small businesses to work building your Detroit website design. A Google Adwords Certified Partner, Website Design by Adam can handle all aspects of your website creation, from design, domain registration, and setting up hosting to marketing and online business development.

What can Website Design by Adam do to help your business increase its revenue sources?

Create A Professional E-Commerce Website

Want your Detroit website design to help you to earn money from customers all over the country or even world even while you sleep? As your dedicated Detroit web developer, Website Design by Adam can help build an e-commerce site that will literally sell you products for you. With Magento, OS Commerce or Zen-Cart, you can have a safe and secure shopping cart function installed as part of your Detroit website design.

Your customers will literally be able to pick-out and buy your products at the touch of a button. Think of the possibilities as you customers, at any time, be it day or night, be they at work or play, can research, choose and buy your products without ever setting foot in your store or even calling you on the phone. With time and space no longer a hindrance, it would be like having a completely new store for the price of a simple e-commerce site.

Internet Marketing

Even if you do not have the kind of business that is easily transferable to the internet, such as a restaurant or dance studio, as your dedicated Detroit web development firm, we can create a new means of reaching your customers and building a relationship with them. How?

Geo Targeting

First, we do this by making sure that your customers can find you when they search for the services you supply. Geo-targeting is a method of internet marketing that allows us to make sure that when a customer in Annapolis looks for a Pizza Place they can find your business rather than a Pizza Hut in New York.

A Professional Looking Detroit Website Design

Once web visitors come across your site, we then make sure that what they find is an attractive, user friendly site that invites them further in and begins to create a connection with them. We do this by attentively listening to your business needs and then applying what we hear to your Detroit website design so that we create a site that matches and furthers your brand.

If you own a psychologist’s office that treats teens, as your Detroit web designer we can help create a trust inspiring site with warm colors that parents and their teens will find comforting and approachable. On the other hand, if you are a law office and want to make sure that clients who come to your site know that you mean business, we can create a more robust, masculine feel. We have designed all kinds of small business sites, from limousine service sites to dentists’ offices—we know how to create the kind of site that you will be proud of and that will attract new clients to your business.

In addition, our professional writing service, can not only create the copy to fill your Detroit website design but also continue to write copy for e-mail campaigns, ads, continued content creation, article marketing and even press releases.

On the other hand, if you prefer to handle your own content creation, we can install easy to use Content Management Systems like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla. These CMS’s make it so that you can easily add pages to your site yourself or to have someone on your staff do so.

Social Media Marketing

Finally, if you are looking to reach a younger audience, we can help you to create and manage your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Given the rising importance of such sites, this is yet another way that you can help communicate and build brand identity with your potential customers.

Put simply, from making sure that your CSS gives your web pages the exact look that you want to creating an e-mail marketing campaign that will help you to draw customers and get them to buy, Website Design by Adam wants to be your Detroit web development firm.

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