Denver Internet Marketing

Denver Internet Marketing

For companies in Denver, internet marketing is a must. Internet marketing is, of course, important virtually everywhere these days. Given the high concentration of technologically savvy business people and the general trend of web migration for services, however, your Denver web design needs to be top notch.

This doesn’t just mean that your Denver web design is technically sound and loads quickly. Most any Denver web designer can make sure that the basic technological requirements for your website are met. Your Denver internet marketing strategy needs to go beyond simple technical adequacy. Your Denver web design needs to incorporate the techniques that will display your website on internet search engines, draw web users to your site, and once you have them there, get them to convert (buy your product, get a subscription, sign up for your e-mail feed).

In other words, your Denver web design needs to get your visitors to do what you created it for in the first place. Not just any Denver web developer is capable of pulling this off.

How can Website Design by Adam help you achieve your Denver internet marketing goals?

A Specially Targeted Denver SEO Campaign

Your Denver SEO (Search Engine Marketing) needs to do more than just reach general web users. Unless you are an online newspaper or magazine with a general appeal, your Denver web developer needs to do more than just create a great deal of traffic for your company’s website. Your Denver SEO should not be geared towards just increasing traffic to your site, but towards reaching those web users who are most likely to have an interest in your product.

This is why you don’t want to leave your web design to just any Denver Web Developer. You Denver SEO should be handled by a web development firm that understands how to target your internet message to those web surfers who may actually be open to your product.

For example, if you have a website specializing in mountain biking, your website might be able to draw a lot of traffic related to biking in all forms, but what you really want is to reach those internet users who are local to you and who are specifically interested in mountain biking.

As your Denver SEO marketing firm, Website Design by Adam can work with you to design a campaign that targets this audience through a combination of carefully chosen keywords, geo-targeting and directory submission.

Denver Internet Marketing Part Two: On-Page Conversions

Of course getting visitors to your website is only the first part of your Denver internet marketing campaign. Once they are on your site, you then have to entice them to buy your products. The key to getting conversions and increasing your website’s revenues is having an especially targeted message—a skill that many a Denver web designer lacks.

One of the great advantages of having a website is that you can very carefully create and monitor individual sales messages in order to gage their overall effectiveness as part of your internet marketing strategy. If a particular page draw 100 customer but only converts 2 of them, while another converts nearly 15, then you have fairly clear evidence as to which approach is working.

That is why, when we write your landing pages (the pages customers arrive at when they hyperlink from other sites) we are careful to present them with a page specifically tailored to them. That way, if a customer is searching for “mountain bikes for girls,” the visitor finds a page with your bikes divided by gender.

In addition, the language of the page itself is important. You want to make sure that your copy speaks to your reader’s in their language.

Denver Internet Marketing for Customer Retention

But our optimization of your Denver web design doesn’t just stop at the landing pages you created for your customers. Your Denver internet marketing campaign can also employ behavioral retargeting to insure that your customers return to your website on future occasion.

Studies show that most customers do not buy products the first time they visit a website. Most times they check out the products on the site, and then click away while continuing to mull over their decision. With behavioral retargeting, your Denver web designer places a cookie on the visitor’s browser so that when they click on an affiliated site, an especially designed ad pops up reminding them of your product.

Most purchases actually occur on the second or third visit.

As with a Pay-Per-Click advertisements, this kind of a strategy can get costly over time, so you want to make sure that you get your full money’s worth from it by carefully targeting which clients will receive this kind of enticement.

An effective Denver internet marketing strategy will incorporate and coordinate its individual tactics so that they all work together to achieve your goals.

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