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Custom Website Design – Get It Right The First Time.

You may assume that with the abundant selection of web design tools that range in price from free to very expensive that almost anyone could put a custom website design together, Research further about marketing from reputable digital agencies like Link Digital. And your assumption could be right to a certain extent.  Working from the supplied web page templates and canned software a person with little or no experience can create a website for personal use.

But when it comes to an actual working site that must meet the demands of ever changing business requirements and network operational changes, it really does take an experienced professional custom website developer to design and build an effective website.  As in all specialized fields of work, it’s not the tool that makes the expert; it’s the skill of the person operating the tool that produces the desired result.  It becomes very easy to spot the website that was constructed by an enthusiastic albeit inexperienced web designer.

So what characteristics should you look for when you are contracting with a Los Angeles custom website developer?  Well, affordable probably tops the list of mandatory items.  Just remember that affordable should not be confused with cheap or the lowest price.

When you are examining the cost – benefit ratio, you need to understand that value is the operative keyword here.  We all know that you get what you pay for, but the real issue here is did you pay too much for the custom website design?  To evaluate that question you need to insure that the website meets your specifications for both operation and appearance.  That takes us back to the establishment of the initial goals that were developed before a line of code was ever written.

Unless you have experience in custom website development it could be very difficult to define the features you require the web site to possess.  Naturally you want it to reflect your business in a positive manner, and you want it to be attractive, and you want people to return frequently.

It seems like a few short lines of description will relate those goals to the custom website developer.  This is the first and probably most important criteria in selecting a Los Angeles firm to develop your website.  The custom website designer should be able to engage in a conversation that doesn’t assault you with over technical terms that you’re not familiar with, or for that matter need to know.

It’s like when you go to the doctor.  He doesn’t inject more of the technical details of the treatment than the patient needs to know, but enough detail to satisfy your questions and concerns.  So it is a custom web design.  You need to express your vision of how your company should be perceived and let the designer bring that vision to life.  So the most important skill you should look for is their ability to listen to you, and then be able to repeat that goal in a clear and organized fashion.  It really doesn’t matter how accomplished they are or how many skills they possess, if they didn’t hear what you said then you won’t get what you expect.

That’s not to say that knowledge of the current trends in custom website design and the software tools necessary to accomplish the tasks are not important.  Naturally you want to be working with a Los Angeles custom website developer that is current in both the latest tools and techniques.  They should be able to provide ample examples of their work along with references that you need to verify.  If for some reason either of these checkpoints is not available, you need to keep looking.  As in your business, a satisfied customer is the best advertising you can have.

Now that you know that the custom website developer has the direction and the capability to proceed with the project, there is one more issue that needs to be explored.  And while this may not be the first item to be discussed, it is certainly one of the most important.  Navigation is probably the singular most important characteristic in a successful custom website design.  Nothing is more aggravating than to be forced to click through screen after screen to get to where you want to go.  If your customer has a hard time getting the information they need the chances are they won’t be beating a path back to your door.

An experienced custom web designer can help you understand the advantages of using different methods to moving about on the site without needing to ask for directions.  It is a fine balance between too much and too little information but when done correctly, it provides the user with a clear, concise path to follow.

And now we’re down to the content on your website.  Don’t expect the custom website developer to know what is unique about your business unless you tell them.  Give them something to work with and they can enhance your copy with the appropriate keywords and phrasing that will get your custom website design noticed by the search engines.

This is equivalent to running an ad in the newspaper that has top billing so everyone see’s your site first.  Without the proper search engine optimization content your site will languish in the long list of other competitors.  As the search keyword phrases change, so too must the content change in order to maintain your premium standings with the search engines.  Only an experienced custom web developer will be able to structure your site to contain the features necessary to maximize your investment.

As you investigate Los Angeles custom website developers, remember to approach this as any other new venture.  Discuss your immediate needs and expectations for the performance and functions of the site.  Make sure you receive a clear understanding of how the custom website design will perform and when the work will be available for review.  Keep the changes to a minimum and expect some small amount of rework after you’ve had a chance to see the first release.  Don’t try to do everything on the first pass so it’s easier to make the changes you require before you take your custom web design live.

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