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You may be among those that think the idea of every business having a custom Facebook page is just a passing fad like bell-bottoms or tie dye. I am not necessarily saying that you wrong—things do change quickly on the internet, so who knows what it will be like 10 or 15 years from now. Given that 15 years ago Google wasn’t even around yet, you can see the pace of change.

Given however that more than half a BILLION users are already on Facebook and the relatively low cost of getting a professional looking Facebook business page, taking the gamble really doesn’t cost you that much. If it turns out to be a dead end, no great loss.

But what if Facebook is—as many experts believe—the next big game changer? You have a chance to get in on it now with your own custom Facebook page for your business–just as the wave is beginning to build rather than waiting until it has passed you by and your competitors have gotten the head start.

So how can you use Facebook for business purposes?

Custom Designed Templates

First of all, you can make your Facebook page look professional by having it custom designed. In fact, you can make your custom Facebook page match your custom designed business website so that when users go from one to the other the exchange is seamless.

Integrated Social Media Solutions

In addition, we can help you to connect other social media platforms including Twitter and your Website so that it is easy to post messages across your platforms rather than having to check in at each location.

New Advertising Opportunities

Getting involved with Facebook also opens up new advertising opportunities with potential clients you might not otherwise be able to reach.

Facebook and other social media outlets have altered the business landscape offering a new challenge to businesses: reach out to your customers and really interact with them. Make your business into more than a brand, make it into an experience.

This challenge is also an opportunity to reach a whole new generation of clients who can come to identify with your business and feel intimately connected. Given that Facebook users make daily check-ins on the site and are spending more and more time every year, can you really afford to pass up the opportunity to connect with them via this medium?

But the basic, Mickey Mouse fan page or rinky dink Facebook business page is just not cutting it for businesses. If you really want to reel in what many are coming to call the “Facebook Generation,” you are going to have to meet them where they live and do so in a way that is not only attractive but entertaining. This generation needs more from their consumer interaction than just a quick interaction . They want an experience.

Employ the power of Facebook for business and make your Facebook visitors more than “likes,” make them into real “fans”—the kind who will come back over and over, and not only visit your site, but buy from it.

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