Content is King, Still

The New Google Update Raises the Stakes on Website Design Requirements

Fresh Content is King! That might be the message you got this week. If you happened to use Google on Wednesday, you probably noticed the logo celebrating Mendel’s 189th birthday. Mendel, the grandfather of contemporary genetics, is just the latest of Google’s birthday celebrations.

Google Update Mendel Logo

Mendel Logo from Wednesday

No big deal for most users.

But if you are in the business of keeping up with Google SEO changes like I am, you also noticed some much more significant changes. Apparently a new Google update went into effect yesterday downgrading any content inherited from templates. So if you were in the business of engineering website content from a few templates and then making only slight alterations so that you could geo-market your business across a city or region, or posting close to duplicate content across multiple hosts the new Google update hit your hard.

Several websites have lost Pagerank and seen their webpages virtually disappear. Basically, if you had multiple pages based on one template page, now only one of those pages is still ranking well on SERP’s.

In addition, since many pages that offer backlinks also lost ranking, many sites also felt a knock on effect, losing Pagerank because the website that linked to them lost rank. If you want to prevent losing pagerank you need to read a brand monitoring guide which will teach you how to safeguard your content.

So what does this mean for Google SEO efforts? What new website design requirements need to be adopted?

Put simply, Content is King, again! If you are in the business of writing unique website content, then you are about to see the demand for your services spike. At Website Design by Adam, we were surprised that this Google update took effect so quickly, but we were not surprised that this change actually happened.

Just a few days ago I had been telling friends in the business that I thought this new focus on unique website content would be the next step for Google. The reasons for it I think are various, but largely it has to do with the rise of social media platforms like Facebook.

Google may feel increasingly threatened by the notion that Facebook offers its users “authentic” recommendations from “friends” while Google results get “gamed” by marketers. So Google has raised the stakes for SEO friendly website design requirements.

We are ready for the challenge and look forward to it. We had already started beefing up our content creation team before this Google update, finding new content providers who can help our clients keep up with these changes. It just looks like we will be ramping up faster than expected.

So, Content is King again. Long live the king!

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