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A Columbus website design firm is not that hard to find, but a Columbus web designer that can provide you with quality website design at an affordable price?

Introducing Website Design by Adam. We are a quality website designer who can provide you with a high quality small business website at a price point that is well within your budget. Website Design by Adam wants to be your Columbus web development firm.

Attractive and Professional Website Design

At heart, Website Design by Adam is a website creation company. Our design team prides itself on providing small businesses with attractive Columbus website design packages. We create sites that are clear, attractive and professional. We treat each site with the same care that we do our own—taking the time and effort necessary to make sure that it portrays your business in the way that you want it to and that it functions as it should.

Our team of dedicated Columbus website design specialists puts its ten plus years of experience for each and every client. Regardless whether it is ASP.NET or PHP web development, C or Java, Magento or OS Commerce, we have the programming and web development acumen to create the website you have been dreaming of.

Website Marketing

Another reason that you should not trust your cyber business to just any web designer in Columbus, however, is that not every designer knows how to search engine optimize your website so that it reaches the internet customers you are targeting. SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) is the process by which sites are made more visible to search engines like Google, so that when internet users search for your products and services, they find you. Without SEO it doesn’t matter how beautiful and easy to use your Columbus website design is. If no one can find your site, no one will ever see your features or services.

As a Google Certified Adwords Partner, Website Design by Adam knows how to build and promote your site so that it can increase its presence on search engines. As your Columbus web designer we will make sure that the Google bot (Google’s website indexer) will be comfortable crawling your site, providing it with specially designed sitemap, clear links and content that make it easy for the Google bot to categorize your pages for the keywords you have targeted.

In addition, once your site is up and running we can help continue to market your site through our link building and content creation services. These services create new ways that possible customers can find their way to your site and they simultaneously increase your sites rating on Google so that you pages rise as well.

E-Commerce Solutions

As your Columbus web development firm we can also help you expand your customer base beyond not only the greater Columbus area, but even beyond Ohio and the Midwest. We can create a site where your customers can buy your products or book your services at any time of day and from anywhere they log-on.

By installing a premier shopping cart function like Zen-Cart, Magento or OS Commerce, your dedicated Columbus web designer can make it so that you can literally earn money while you sleep. Store hours and geography no longer need be an obstacle. Your customers can load your products, select shipping and checkout just like at online stores like Amazon, and they can do so with the assurance of the same level of security as at these large corporate sites.


In addition, we can reach your customers exactly where they live by geo-targeting your Columbus website design and promotion so that your customers are more likely to find your stores in specific areas. Regardless of whether you are trying to reach customers in Germantown or Hollywood, CA, we can help you to create a website that will put your business up front and center when they search the web.

Social 2.0 Marketing

In addition, we can help you reach out to the rising social networks that will play a large role in creating the markets of tomorrow. We can do this by connecting your website to these newer kinds of social media, like Facebook and now Google Plus. The key of course to these new kinds of sites is to stay connected and continue to produce new content.

If you are serious about taking advantage of the internet as part of your business plan, than the answer is obvious. Contact us today using the form to the right, and let us show you how what we can do for you as your Columbus website design team.

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