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Website Design by Adam is ready to become your Cleveland internet marketing solution. With over a decade of experience creating high quality website designs for businesses across the country, Website Design by Adam is now bringing high quality website design to Ohio.

Why does your small business need a professionally designed website?

The Importance of Cleveland Internet Marketing

In the 21st Century, getting found is no long about letting your fingers do the walking. These days when customers want to find your business, they no longer turn to the Yellow Pages—they boot up their PC’s or do a search on their i-Phones.

Increasingly, businesses that don’t adapt to the changing times are becoming like the wheel and buggy—a relic of the past.

That is why you need a Cleveland Web Developer that knows how to create a website that is not only attractive but findable.

A Professional Cleveland Web Design Team

But you should not leave your web design to just any Cleveland web designer. Amateur “web designers” are popping up right and left and claiming to have expertise in creating websites. These inexperienced web developers are likely to make the mistakes that newbies make and your business will end up suffering for their on the job learning.

At Website Design by Adam we have assembled an expert team of web designers that can handle any of the needs for you Cleveland web design. Your dedicated Cleveland web designer will create a slick looking, professional website design that is both attractive and highly functional. No flat, ugly websites that look like they were created by a teenager just trying things out for the first time, but a dynamic website design that is easy to navigate and that actually highlights what your business has to offer.

Your Cleveland web developer and the team of designers who back him up know all the major programming languages from Java and to C# and VB and can apply these programming languages to create the functionality that your business requires.

In addition, unlike many another Cleveland web developer which might just ask their programmers to create the copy for your Cleveland web design, we retain a team of professional writers on staff that know both how to create professional calls to actions even while meeting the strict standards of SEO writing that are vital to your website being found by Google and the other search engines.

Cleveland SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the art and science of getting your website found by the search engines. It involves finding the keywords that your business is being searched by and then optimizing your website for these keywords and phrases. Without identifying and targeting these keywords, your website is likely to get virtually no relevant traffic.

On-Page Optimization

Once you have your keywords identified you want to build your site around these search terms, doing everything from choosing your domain name with these keywords in mind to making sure that these keywords are used in the proper density throughout your website. As your Cleveland Internet Marketing team we will make sure that all of this is done properly and effectively, don’t forget to check the king kong advertising review and let us know if you want to obtain their services as well.

Cleveland SEO

But beyond this, there is a reason why we refer to this as Cleveland SEO, and it is not just because we really dig the Browns. Cleveland SEO means that we also look to target local Cleveland denizens when we design your SEO strategy. If you do not Geo-Target your web pages, you will not receive local traffic, which will put you at a disadvantage with local businesses who do.

Off-Page Optimization

Your Cleveland SEO will also include what is known as Off-Page SEO, which is all about making sure that Google sees your site as relevant by creating backlinks from other related sites. The basic idea is simple. Your Cleveland web developer creates links from other sites on the internet. Google sees these links and identifies your site as being important because so many related sites are linking to it.

Actually getting these links from forums, web directories, and blogs actually takes quite a bit of knowhow if you are going to accomplish it effectively.

E-Commerce and Other Cleveland Web Design Solutions

In addition, to what we have mentioned already, Website Design by Adam also offers you a number of e-commerce solutions as part of your Cleveland internet marketing that make it so that you can make your website a secondary stream of revenue for your business.

We offer, for example, a number of shopping cart options that can make your website into a cyber-store. Just think of the possibilities, you could literally reach customers around the corner and across the world and sell them your products 24/7—even while you are catching some zzzzzz’s.

Those are just some of the ways that we can help you capitalize on your Cleveland internet marketing and website design. So if you are ready to begin maximizing the effect of your website, just give us a call at 1-866-809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab above.

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