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As you well know, your church website design should not be done along the same principles as just any website. A church website design needs to be created with tact and an eye to the needs of your congregation. That is why Website Design by Adam takes special care when designing your church website. We know that your website needs to adhere to the spiritual needs of your congregants as well as to the principles of good design.

So what should you expect from our dedicated church website designers?

A Professional Looking and Functioning Church Website Design

First and foremost, when you hire Website Design by Adam, you will receive a professional looking church website design to which you are proud to direct your congregation for the latest news about church events and fundraisers. Your church website designer will make sure that your website matches your specifications and has the look, feel and functionality that you signed up to get.

Our website designers are experienced programmers with more than 10 years of experience in all the major (and several minor) programming languages, be it VB, Java or Regardless of the look that you want, our programmers can design and execute it for you.

And when it comes to the tone of your site, you need not worry about that either. We have a professional writing team that can get just the right feel for your site.

Put simply, we offer the full complement of service options for your site.

What Can a Church Website Design Do For your Church

A church website can serve a multitude of functions.

Communications: Of course, on its most basic level, a website is a medium of communication where you can post the basic information that anyone new to the community would like to know, such as hours of service, whether you run a school on your facility, and what kind of community events and outreach you offer.

Church Newsletter Design: In addition, your website can be set-up with a church newsletter design function so that you can reach out to members of your flock as well. With a professional looking HTML newsletter your congregants can receive weekly or monthly newsletters right over their e-mail, keeping them informed with color pictures and text about what is happening at their place of worship and allowing the church to save on the cost of printing and mailing.

Fund Raising: Your website is also an excellent vehicle for Christian web marketing to raise funds for worthy causes—be they charities or projects to help improve your house of worship. You can have a section of your website that is specifically focused on showing the congregation the effects of the donations they are giving as well. In addition, you can even install a donate button right on the website so that you make it easy for members to donate.

Other Forms of E-Commerce: A website is also an excellent place to sell the pastor’s uplifting book, or a set of audio tapes of the pastor’s most loved speeches. These types of Christian web marketing can help you find new congregants and to add an extra revenue stream that we could all use in these tough economic times.

These are just some of the possibilities however when it comes to your church website design. In addition to what I have mentioned so far, you can also hire us to create a church logo so that your e-mails and letterhead have a unique look to them.

Search Engine Optimization for Your Church Website

Just as important, however, is to make sure that your church can be found by those searching for it. These days, people are far more likely to boot up their computers than let their fingers do the walking. That is why, you need Search Engine Optimization for your church or temple. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process by which we make your church website findable by search engines. If you want someone new to your community to be able to find out about your church via a Google search of churches in his or her area, then you need SEO.

The way it works is this: We set up your site so that Google properly indexes it as a church in your community. This is important since without the proper On-Page indicators of your location, Google has no way to tell where your church is located and would simply drop your church into the long list of worldwide religious websites, making your site virtually invisible.

Through proper indexing (and a carefully organized link building campaign) however, your site will only have to compete with local churches for the attention of potential congregants.

These are just some of the services that we can offer as part of your church website design. To find out more, just give Website Design by Adam a call at 1-866-809-3285 or click on the “Live Chat” tab above. God bless.

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