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Bedford website design companies are not difficult to find, but you don’t want just any digital web design outfit to create your cyber storefront. You want a company that will give you a professional looking website design at affordable rates.

Website Design by Adam wants to be your dedicated Bedford website design studio. We are a Google Adwords Certified Partner—the benchmark of excellence in internet marketing–and we have been delivering high quality, affordable website design to small businesses for over a decade. Having mastered all the major programming languages—from PhP, ASP.NET, and VB to Java and C#–and quite a few minor ones, we can create a business website you will be confident and proud to direct your clients to.

Here are just some of the services that we offer:

The Best Bedford Website Design for Your Business

Whether you are trying to reach Bedfordshire Uni students or other small businesses in Luton, we can create a website design that works for your business. We will build a website design that is clear, user friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. Your Homepage should be just as inviting as your reception area.

Does your current website feel drab and unappealing? We can add Flash design to your Bedford website design so that it will wow your visitors and display your products and services in their best light.

E-commerce Capabilities

Website Design by Adam can also create a digital web design that is E-commerce capable, so that you can reach customers right on the web, display your goods and serves, allow them to place items in a virtual shopping cart, and have them complete check-out right on your site. In effect, your Bedford website design will give you a storefront on the World Wide Web, so that you can greet your customers wherever they live or work and so that you can conduct business even while you are asleep.

That means that you do not need to have one of your workers tied up on the phone taking orders; you and your employees can focus on fulfilling orders.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Of course, the purpose of a website is to be seen on the internet, so that you can attract new customers and create a secondary revenue stream for your business. In order to do this, however, you need to first be visible on Google and the other search engines. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. Search Engine Optimization, or “SEO” as it is abbreviated, is the technique by which we can design your website design in Bedford so that it reaches customers searching for your services throughout the UK and the world.

SEO involves two parts: keyword optimization and link building.

Making your Bedfordshire website design keyword optimized involves researching keywords related to your services, coding your site for these keywords so that search engine automated indexers (like the famed Googlebot) can easily crawl your site, and creating keyword optimized page content that draws visitors from Google search results.

The second aspect of SEO, known as off-site SEO, involves creating links to your site from other relevant sites in order to increase the avenues by which internet users can reach your site and so that Google can see that your site is relevant to the industry you are involved in. Linking Building is the way that you can increase your Page Rank and help yourself to have better presence on the search engine results.Other Forms of Internet Marketing

Along with SEO, there are a series of other methods of site promotion that we can use in planning your Bedford website design. A popular choice for many businesses that don’t want to wait on the longer term and sustained results created through SEO, is Pay-Per-Click keyword targeting with an Adwords program. Don’t be fooled however. Pay-Per-Click is not an alternative to a Bedford website design that targets natural search results through SEO.

In fact, a well designed Pay-Per-Click campaign involves much of the same keyword research as an SEO campaign. The best results are usually achieved by using the two types of approaches in a multi-faceted, coordinated strategy.

Similarly, another popular method of increasing your revenue is to incorporate what is known as Behavioral Re-targeting right into your Bedfordshire website design. Behavioral re-targeting is a way of retrieving customers who may have visited your website but not completed a purchase. It involves placing a cookie on the visitor’s computer so that they continue to see ads linking them back to your site and the product they may want but are unsure about. Marketing studies indicate that customers often do not make their purchase on the first visit to a website and that with each return visit their chances of buying a product and service increase substantially.

All this is to say, do not settle for just any web designer. Bedfordshire is ready for website design that is top caliber.

If your business is ready to take advantage of all the web has to offer, take the first step by filling out the contact form to right.

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