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By now, it is fairly clear to every business in Maryland that having an effective Baltimore website design is a must no matter if you own a restaurant, a sports memorabilia store or a real estate agency. As your Baltimore website development firm, Website Design by Adam would like to put our decade plus experience providing first class website design for small businesses to work for your business.

Even if you already have a website, now may be the time to upgrade it into the kind of site that will add a whole new revenue stream to your business.

What should you expect from your Baltimore website design?

An Attractive Professional Website Design

First, your Baltimore website design should present your business and its products and services in a professional, attractive manner. Your website should not just indicate your hours and give directions for your location. With a smart looking Flash design, your Baltimore website design can show off the atmosphere of your restaurant, display your products in a state-of-the-art photo gallery, or build suspense for your business with captivating intro to your landing page.

Your Baltimore web designer should help you to create a lively interactive site that engages your customers, helping you to communicate with them and to let them give you feed back about your services. A website should include not only images but an active blog or bulletin board and a way for you customers to contact you right on the site. These days, the most effective businesses are those that know how to harness this new medium to build strong relationships with their business.

But you don’t want to leave your Baltimore website design to just any web designer in Baltimore. Let one of our experienced designers create the kind of site that you can be proud to refer your customers to and the kind of site that will refer new customers to you. Whether it is formatting the XHTML tags for your content, or fine tuning Cascading Style Sheet parameters to adjust the appearance of your web pages, our designers have been there and done that.

PHP, ASP.NET, C#, VB, or Java—our experienced programmers are fluent in them all and can apply them to get the best results from you Baltimore website design.

Affordable Packages for Virtually Any Price Point

Whether you are just looking to get a simple one page website that advertises your dance lessons, or would like the full spectrum of design and promotion services, we have a price point that will work for your budget. As a growing business ourselves, we know the costs of growth and have designed our packages to help you succeed in your ventures. We know the best way to grow our business is to help you grow yours, so we will put the full effort of our Baltimore website design team into the cause of making your website achieve its goals.

Search Engine Optimization

As your Baltimore web development firm we will also make sure that your site is visible to Google and the other search engines by focusing on your SEO (“Search Engine Optimization”) right from the word go. SEO and site promotion should not be an afterthought for your business. Right from the choosing fo a domain name down through the coding of you XHTML and creation of your content, you need to have SEO in mind.

To this end, we offer affordable packages for SEO that include keyword research, XHTML tagging, content generation and backlink creation and purchasing.

E-Commerce Solutions

If you really want to put your website to work for you, you may consider adding E-commerce capabilities to your Baltimore website design. Your dedicated Baltimore web developer can add e-commerce programs like Zen-Cart or OS Commerce right to your site, providing your customers with a safe and easy to use shopping cart with which to purchase your products. Transforming your site into an E-commerce site can literally make it so that you could be earning money even as you are sound asleep in bed. Your site could be selling your products to customers 24 hours a day regardless of your customer location without you ever having to answer a phone or shake their hands.

Behavioral Retargetting

In addition, we can create your Baltimore website design so that it attracts lost customers back to your website when they don’t make a purchase on the first visit (which internet studies show is the usual case). Behavioral retargeting involves placing a cookie on visitors’ browsers and then strategically inserting ads for your products and services on affiliated websites so that your customers are reminded of your products and services later in their sessions or on subsequent web searches.

If you are serious about taking advantage of the opportunities the internet offers, let Website Design by Adam be your Baltimore Website Design firm. Just fill out the form to the right for a free quote.

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